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Work in Progress :: Zippers (and the act of patience)

Raise your hand if you can be impatient!  My hand is up in the air.  Patience is a funny thing.  It’s there sometimes, and others, it’s as if I don’t even know what that word is!  I am (generally) a pretty patient person.  When it comes to my kids, my family, my day to day life, I have loads of patience.  I’m not the type to lose my cool.

Zippers :: Dandelion Drift

But if you are talking about patience with things that I want, it vanishes…whoosh, gone out the door!  I’m in the middle of sewing a caravan tote (great pattern by Anna of noodle-head).  It calls for two zippers so I first looked in my pile of vintage zippers I’ve had stored up from previous thrift store finds.  None fit the bill.  Next stop, the local big chain craft store.  I stared at that wall of zippers for several minutes.  I found the right size zippers, but none were actually what I wanted.  But I wanted to finish sewing this bag now, so I bought two zippers that I didn’t love and was ready to sew this bag up!


When I got home though I was ready to kick myself.  Why did I settle?  Is this a bag I need now? no Did I have a deadline to finish sewing the bag?  nope  Those zippers that weren’t perfect for the bag are headed back to the store.  I can patiently wait to find the right zipper for the job.  I am not in such a hurry to churn out a new bag that I need to settle!

How are you with patience?  Does it show up in some areas of your life but hide in others?