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Lander Shorts

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

So, there’s a hurricane headed my way.  A big one!  And the eye is geared to sweep right over our house Sunday night!  What would you be doing three days before the storm hits?  Me?  Obviously sit down and write a blog post instead of prepare for the storm!  Actually, we are very prepared for the storm…now it’s just a waiting game!  And I didn’t want to sit on these pictures and not share them with you.  These shorts are the newest pattern Kelli of True Bias released this week, the Lander Shorts!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed these denim Lander Shorts from the tester version of the pattern several weeks ago and I have worn them so often!  The non stretch denim for these shorts started out a dark blue (the fabric is still in stock at Indiesew).  I sewed them together following Kelli’s great instructions and then had so much fun bleaching and tea dying them!  I’m not going to go into my bleaching details, but I followed Alina’s instructions (which are great)!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

The Lander pattern comes in three lengths, ankle, short, and boot length!  I cannot wait to make a second pair in the boot length!  It has darts in the back to help give the high waisted shaping, which leads to a perfect fit!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed these in a size 6 at the waist and graded out to an 8 at the hip.  Kelli has modified the pattern just a bit since testing, scooping out the crotch seam (which should help eliminate the smile lines you see up front).

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

Instead of the 1 inch hem that is called for in the pattern, I left my seam raw and simply folded it up 1 inch.  I love the patch pockets that are on the front and back of these shorts, but the buttonfly has to be my favorite feature!  I grabbed the jean buttons from Jo Ann’s and the installation went smoothly!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

The shirt you see in the pics was one I sewed over the summer.  It’s the briar tee (I’ve blogged about the pattern here if you want more details).  This one was sewn in modal fabric from Indiesew.  I have another one you can see on instagram that is sewn in the same fabirc, just a different color.  These two shirts are the softest, comfiest shirts I own.  They get worn at least once a week!

Briar Tee :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, I’m headed back to hurricane prep!  While I’m hunkering down, go check out the Lander pattern.  Kelli’s photos are so beautiful, and her pattern is amazing!

Quick Recap

Shorts Pattern: Lander Pant and Short

Size: 6 at waist graded to 8 at hip

Fabric: 10 oz denim

Modifications: I left the bottom hem raw and folded it up 1 inch; bleached and tea dyed fabric


Shirt Pattern: Briar Tee

Size: xs

Fabric: Modal knit

Modifications: straightened out the bottom hem instead of the hi lo hem


Chi Town Chinos and Ogden Cami


Hey there and happy Tuesday!  I have been busy sewing away, but have hardly had a minute to pop in over here and blog about my makes.  That will change, I’m hoping, when summer rolls around and things slow down a bit!  But I’m so happy to be sharing my newest make with you today, the Chi Town Chinos, which pairs perfectly with an old (and worn often make) the Ogden Cami.


Let me talk first about the Ogden Cami.  I helped Kelli test this pattern out last summer and it is amazing!  It is such a quick sew, requires such little fabric, and is the perfect wardrobe staple.  This Ogden was sewn out of crepe de chine from the Imagine Gnats shop (currently sold out) and I wear this tank so often!  It is a great layering piece, but also great on it’s own!  I sewed this in a size 4 and the fit is perfect!  The front and the back of the Ogden Cami look similar (the back is a bit lower cut), so a tag is perfect to add there to help differentiate the front from the back!

Chi Town Chinos Side

Okay, on to the Chi Town Chinos.  I grabbed the patterns from the Indiesew shop as part of the Indiesew blogger team and was so excited to try out a new to me pattern designer.  I say patterns because this pattern started out as a shorts / skirt pattern.  And then a pants version was added as an expansion pack.  Both patterns are needed to sew these pants (the original Chi Town Chinos and the expansion pack).  I had never sewn one of Alina’s patterns before, so I quickly sewed up the shorts version of the pattern, just to check the fit of her sizing and the fit was perfect.

Chi Town Chinos Portrait

That got me ready to sew my pants.  I know that the temps are only getting hotter here in Florida as summer inches closer, and I’ve heard Allie rave about tencel fabric recently and how perfect it is for hot weather, so I grabbed a couple yards of this olive green tencel twill from the Indiesew shop for my Chi Town Chinos.  I was thinking that the tencel twill would make a great, lightweight pair of summer pants, and these chinos turned out to be just that!  The tencel twill has great drape, but also is sturdy enough to sew a pair of pants out of.

Chi Town Chinos Walking

The Chi Town Chinos pattern is written so well.  It holds your hand through every step of the pants sewing process making it no big deal to sew things you thought were scary (like welt pockets).  I would highly recommend this pattern and will definitely be sewing more Chi Town Chinos in the future.

Chi Town Chinos Pockets

I made just a few changes to the pattern for fit or construction preference.  I sewed these in a size six, and when I basted the pants together to check for fit, I didn’t like how the pants were pulling across my bottom.  I ended up sewing the side seams, just around the hip area, with a 3/8 inch seam allowance to eliminate any fabric pulling across my bottom.

Chi Town Chinos Front

I also decided add interfacing to the waistband facing.  In the pair of shorts I sewed up quickly, I used some very inexpensive, lightweight chambray fabric I grabbed from the thrift store.  I noticed that my waistband stretches out as the day wears on.  I definitely didn’t want that to happen on my pants, so I added interfacing to help ensure that my waistband would be the same size all day!  Next time, I would add the interfacing to the pants at the waistline, and leave the facing as is.

Chi Town Chinos Butt

My last change (which I no longer like) was to leave off the buttons on the welt pockets.  I own some ready to wear pants that have welt pockets without buttons, and I liked the look of that.  I hadn’t considered how my fabric would handle this.  Well, as the day goes on, the welt pockets start to smile (gape apart) and these open mouth smiles are not what I want on my bottom.  I’m going to go back and add buttonholes and buttons to keep these closed!

Here’s a quick recap of my sews

Pattern: Ogden Cami

Fabric: Crepe de Chine

Size: Four

Modifications: None


Pattern: Chi Town Chinos (Expansion Pack 2)

Fabric: Tencel Twill

Size: Six

Modifications: let out side seams to 3/8 inch at hip area, interfaced waistband, omitted welt pocket buttons (I wouldn’t do that next time!), shortened 1.5 inches


The pattern / fabric for the Chi Town Chinos were provided to me as part of the Indiesew blogger team.  All opinions, as always, are my own…I love both the pattern and the fabric used in this project!



True Bias Mini Emerson Shorts

Hey there!  So I showed off a new pattern last week, and here’s the second pattern Kelli (at True Bias just released), the Mini Emerson pattern.  This again is the tester version.

True Bias Mini Emerson Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed up  a size ten for Sweet Pea, lengthening it 1.5 inches.  Kelli’s pattern runs very true to size.  My 12 year old is just thin and tall.

True Bias Mini Emerson Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

Her waist measurements put her in a size 10, but her hip measurement is a bit bigger.  To accommodate the larger hip size, I did a full seat adjustment on these shorts, and they fit her perfectly!

True Bias Mini Emerson Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

These shorts are reached for again and again, and I’m sure the fabric has something to do with it!  I used leftover rayon challis from this dress I made myself.  Now that I see these in rayon, I definitely want to make myself a pair of rayon emerson shorts!

True Bias Mini Emerson Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

Quick Details:

Pattern: Mini Emerson Shorts

Size: 10

Fabric: Rayon Challis (from JoAnn)

Modifications: lengthen 1.5 inches, full seat adjustment to accommodate a larger hip size than the pattern is drafted for

*As a pattern tester, I received this pattern in exchange for sewing the pattern and providing feedback.  Hardly any changes were made to this pattern while testing.  Kelli just changed the pocket bag slightly to give it a perfect fit!

True Bias Mini Emerson Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

Mini Ogden Cami

Hey there!  Happy September!  I have two new great patterns to share with you this week.  Today, I’ll share the mini ogden cami pattern, one of Kelli’s (from True Bias) newest patterns.  I helped her test this pattern, so what you are seeing here is the tester version.

True Bias Mini Ogden Cami :: Dandelion Drift

My girl is a bit particular about her clothes.  Her daily wear is dependent on comfort, and as a homeschooling family, this often results in athletic shorts and t shirts.  These new patterns are just as comfortable to her and she reaches for them often!  I love that these two new patterns from Kelli are of the same comfort level, but definitely look so much nicer!

True Bias Mini Ogden Cami :: Dandelion Drift

The mini ogden is very similar to the adult version.  It has a sweet v neck front, with a front facing.  The back is a bit different though.  It has a straight seam at the top (instead of the v in the adult version) with elastic casing.  I love the simplicity of this top!

True Bias Mini Ogden Cami :: Dandelion Drift

This mini ogden was sewn in rayon challis from fabric.com (I don’t see it in stock any longer).  I bought this fabric with my girl in mind, knowing that she loves bold, bright colors!  I didn’t do the best of jobs lining up the stripes on the side seams.  One side matches perfectly, and the one you are seeing here is just slightly off.  I’m sure no one will ever notice in every day life, but it’s a little detail that bugs me!

True Bias Mini Ogden Cami :: Dandelion Drift

Quick Glimpse

Pattern: Mini Ogden Cami

Fabric: Rayon Challis from Fabric.com

Size: 10, lengthened 1.5 inches (my girl fits in the size 10 measurements, except she’s a bit taller)

*As a pattern tester, I received this pattern in exchange for sewing the pattern and providing feedback.  A few minor changes were made to the final pattern, the front neckline was raised .25 inches, the straps were shortened slightly and the elastic was tightened.  All minor changes to help perfect the pattern!


Mini Hudson Pants

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift Okay, raise your hands if your kids will only wear something that feels like t shirts!  Is that just in my house?  Truly, both of my kids would love to only wear t shirts and athletic wear, every. single. day!

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

So guess what I sew for them, pretty much anything that feels like a t shirt.  Do you remember the Hudson Pants I made for myself a few months back?  Well Kelli has released a kid sized version of these pants, and they are perfect!  My girl LOVES her new mini hudsons and I think they are pretty darn cute on her!

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

These pants were a staple on our Hawaiian vacation last month.  They were worn on the airplane, around the hotel, when it got chilly at night on top of the volcano (I know that sounds weird but it’s true, it’s cold on top of the volcano)!

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

Want to know the pattern details?

Pattern :: Mini Hudson Pant, sewn in a size 8 and lengthened for my skinny 10 year old

Fabric :: double knit from Jo Anns, paracord string for the tie

Outfit Breakdown :: target t shirt, hudson pant, reef flip flops

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

This past week Kelli had a few bloggers sew up the mini hudson pattern….find lots of mini hudson inspiration on her blog!  I loved Erin’s versions (yep, one for her girl and one for her boy) that popped up on Our Family Four last Monday!