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Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans

Ginger Jeans

I have the last of my three jeans I sewed during my little jeans sewing spree!  These are the Ginger Jeans again, this time in a light denim from Fabric Mart. And since I am wrapping up these jeans, I thought I’d share a little about the Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about this light denim pair of Gingers, you can pop over to Fabric Mart’s blog to read more about them, but I will say that I love them. And they are the perfect color of light blue that I have been looking for (actually they are the wrong side of the fabric as you can see from the pic above, the right side is a much more vibrant blue)!

Okay, onto a little comparison. Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans. There are two Gingers on the left in the above picture and the Morgan is on the right. Ginger Jeans are hight waisted and made with stretch denim. Morgan Jeans are mid rise and sewn out of non stretch denim. I love both patterns, but I definitely think the Ginger Jeans are more flattering.

Here’s a picture comparing the view from the back. This time Morgan is on the left and Ginger is on the right. You can see from the back how much higher of the waist the Gingers are.


Here’s a waist comparison. Morgan Jeans are on top and Ginger Jeans are the two pictures below.  All three patterns were sewn the same size. I definitely need to add some room in my Morgan Jeans next time to avoid the pulling you see in the button down fly. The fact that the Morgan Jeans are sewn out of non stretch denim makes fitting them a little less forgiving!

I love to see a little comparison and I hope this Ginger Jeans vs. Morgan Jeans was helpful for you. Ask me any questions, I’d love to help! And to see more in depth details head to these links to read about each pair individually!

Dark Indigo Ginger Jeans

Morgan Jeans

Light Denim Ginger Jeans



Morgan Jeans

Morgan Jeans

Up next on my three jean sewing spree are the Morgan Jeans. This is the first time I’ve sewn this pattern.

Morgan Jeans

First off, the Morgan Jeans are a boyfriend fit jeans made out of non stretch denim.

Morgan Jeans

I used another denim from the Indiesew shop, a 10 oz non stretch denim.  This is the same fabric I used for my lander shorts (those were just bleached and tea dyed).  I really am a fan of this fabric and how it wears!

Morgan Jeans

I sewed a size six at the waist, graded out to an eight at the hips (just like my ginger jeans). I have a bit too much pulling at the hips on these, which is causing the button fly to gape open a bit. Next time I will add a little more room in the hips.

Morgan Jeans

Other than that, I really like the fit of these! I think the boyfriend fit style is a fun, relaxed look. It’s completely different than the skinny jeans I am so used to wearing!

Morgan Jeans

Again, I used red serger thread to finish the seams so I could get a pop of color when I cuff my jeans! Tomorrow I’ll show you my last pair in this jeans sewing spree and give you a little comparison picture of them all!

Quick Recap

Pattern: Morgan Jeans

Fabric: 10 oz non stretch denim

Size: 6 graded to 8 at hips

Notions: gutermann topstitching thread; Taylor Tailor rivets and buttons

Modifications: Shortened 2 inches; next time – add more room at the hips