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Lander Shorts

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

So, there’s a hurricane headed my way.  A big one!  And the eye is geared to sweep right over our house Sunday night!  What would you be doing three days before the storm hits?  Me?  Obviously sit down and write a blog post instead of prepare for the storm!  Actually, we are very prepared for the storm…now it’s just a waiting game!  And I didn’t want to sit on these pictures and not share them with you.  These shorts are the newest pattern Kelli of True Bias released this week, the Lander Shorts!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed these denim Lander Shorts from the tester version of the pattern several weeks ago and I have worn them so often!  The non stretch denim for these shorts started out a dark blue (the fabric is still in stock at Indiesew).  I sewed them together following Kelli’s great instructions and then had so much fun bleaching and tea dying them!  I’m not going to go into my bleaching details, but I followed Alina’s instructions (which are great)!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

The Lander pattern comes in three lengths, ankle, short, and boot length!  I cannot wait to make a second pair in the boot length!  It has darts in the back to help give the high waisted shaping, which leads to a perfect fit!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed these in a size 6 at the waist and graded out to an 8 at the hip.  Kelli has modified the pattern just a bit since testing, scooping out the crotch seam (which should help eliminate the smile lines you see up front).

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

Instead of the 1 inch hem that is called for in the pattern, I left my seam raw and simply folded it up 1 inch.  I love the patch pockets that are on the front and back of these shorts, but the buttonfly has to be my favorite feature!  I grabbed the jean buttons from Jo Ann’s and the installation went smoothly!

Lander Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

The shirt you see in the pics was one I sewed over the summer.  It’s the briar tee (I’ve blogged about the pattern here if you want more details).  This one was sewn in modal fabric from Indiesew.  I have another one you can see on instagram that is sewn in the same fabirc, just a different color.  These two shirts are the softest, comfiest shirts I own.  They get worn at least once a week!

Briar Tee :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, I’m headed back to hurricane prep!  While I’m hunkering down, go check out the Lander pattern.  Kelli’s photos are so beautiful, and her pattern is amazing!

Quick Recap

Shorts Pattern: Lander Pant and Short

Size: 6 at waist graded to 8 at hip

Fabric: 10 oz denim

Modifications: I left the bottom hem raw and folded it up 1 inch; bleached and tea dyed fabric


Shirt Pattern: Briar Tee

Size: xs

Fabric: Modal knit

Modifications: straightened out the bottom hem instead of the hi lo hem