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Work in Progress :: Making Bias Tape

Part of my trying to slow down this year means I am also trying to do things the way that I like them.  I’m in the middle of sewing a pattern that calls for bias tape.  Old me would have gone to the store and purchased bias tape.  It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s done!  (But really I prefer handmade bias tape.)

Bias Tape Maker :: Dandelion Drift

New me, the one who is not in a rush, is making her own bias tape.  Want to know why I prefer the handmade stuff?

  • it matches my dress perfectly (ha…that’s because it’s made out of the same fabric)!
  • it feels so much nicer than the stiff packaged bias tape
  • because my in laws gave me every size bias tape maker possible and it’s fun to play with new toys!

Bias Tape Maker :: Dandelion Drift

If you’re looking into making your own bias tape, there’s a great video tutorial over at Dana Made It and if you don’t have a fancy bias tape maker, there’s a printable one here (never tried it but it looks like it would work)!

Are you intentionally sewing down on any projects?


Work In Progress :: Washi Dress

Washi Dress :: Dandelion Drift

As I was snapping this picture Sweet Pea walked by and said…

Sweet Pea: “Whatcha taking a pictures of?”

Me:  “A dress that I’m seam ripping.”

Sweat Pea:  “Why would someone want to see a picture of that?”

Well, the point of this pictures is to show you (and me, ha) that making something takes time.  And often it involves mistakes.  This one was just a mistake in style for me.  I sewed the washi dress with the expansion pack (poofy shouldered sleeves, a neck tie), things that ended up just not looking good on me.  (This style has looked good on so many other sewists out there, it just doesn’t work on my broad swimming shoulders!  I’ve showed you a picture of me before in poofy sleeves…it just doesn’t work!)  So this dress sat, and sat, and sat next to my sewing machine for months.  This week I am finally ripping those sleeves off to put cap sleeves on.  And I’ve removed the front tie and I’m replacing it with a simple facing (all part of the washi pattern).

Made any mistakes lately?  Working on anything new?