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Style Maker Fabrics Ginger Jeans and Archer Button Up

Ginger Jeans :: Dandelion Drift

I am thrilled to share with you two new wardrobe staples I sewed in conjunction with Style Maker Fabrics and their fall blog tour.  Michelle at Style Maker Fabrics kindly provided me the fabric, and I happily sewed myself a new pair of Ginger Jeans and an Archer Button Up!

Archer Button Up :: Dandelion Drift

Let me start by sharing the Archer Button Up details.  I had the hardest time choosing a fabric.  There are so many choices at Style Maker Fabrics, but I ended up landing on this blue rayon challis fabric.  I, of course, was immediately drawn to the color.  I don’t know if you have noticed, but blue is my favorite color (my little wardrobe is a testament to that!).  But I also loved the quirky little print on the fabric, glasses.  When I was growing up, I wished that I needed glasses.  I think they look attractive.  I even convinced my parents to take me to get my eyes examined, only to be disappointed when the doctor told me I had perfect vision!

Archer Button Up :: Dandelion Drift   Archer Button Up :: Dandelion Drift

The fabric is a great quality and has a really nice drape!  This isn’t the first archer I’ve sewn, but it is the first one that I have sewn for me.  I noticed last time I sewed the pattern that the  torso was a bit shorter than I liked.  I lengthened my Archer pattern by 1.25 inches.

Archer Button Up :: Dandelion Drift

Archer Button Up :: Dandelion Drift

I used a few new tools with this button up (pictured here in my ig account).  I really love the button hole chisel and the expanding sewing gauge.  I would say they both are a worthy investment to add to your sewing tool bucket!

Ginger Jeans :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, the ginger jeans.  I have been wanting a pair of black jeans, but hesitant because I don’t want my black jeans to fade into gray jeans.  I looked around the Style Maker Fabric site and found this stretch black twill bottom weight.  I was a bit hesitant to request this fabric because I typically shy away from polyester, but let me tell you, these are the most comfortable and most flattering pants I own.  If Michelle carried this fabric in a variety of colors, I would have a wardrobe full of ginger jeans, all made out of this fabric!

Ginger Jeans :: Dandelion Drift

This is my second pair of ginger jeans (first blogged, I still need to photograph my denim pair) and I am amazed at how well this pattern fits!  I secretly think Heather knew my body details when she was drafting this pattern.  It fits my muscular thighs.  It doesn’t make my toosh feel like it is out of proportion with my waist (like my store bought pants do).  These pants just fit so well!  Josh keeps singing Grease Lighting when he sees me in them, I’ll take that as a compliment!

Ginger Jeans :: Dandelion Drift

I graded between a size 6 at the waist, out to a size 8 for the hips on down.  I did need to shorten the pattern a bit.  I took out 1/2 inch above the knee and 1/2 inch below the knee.  And that wasn’t enough, I ended up taking off another 2 inches at the ankle (but I was going for a shorter, ankle length on these pants).  I also needed to remove some excess fabric from behind the knee.

Ginger Jeans :: Dandelion Drift

So here’s a quick recap of the patterns, fabrics, and sewing details!

Pattern:  Archer Button Up

Size:  4

Fabric: Blue Rayon Challis from Style Maker Fabrics

Alterations:  Lengthened bodice 1.25 inches

Archer Button Up :: Dandelion Drift

Pattern: Ginger Jeans

Size: 6 at waist, graded to 8 at hips

Fabric: Black Stretch Twill Bottom Weight from Style Maker Fabrics


  • Shortened the legs, .5 inches above kneed, .5 inches below knee, and removed another 2 inches at hem.
  • Sewed with .5 inch seam allowance on side seams and back (bottom seam)

Notions: Rivets and rivet tools are from Citron Jeans; button is dritz from JoAnn

You can continue following along on the Style Maker Fabrics fall blog tour tomorrow with Sara from The Sara Project!  And thank you Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics for including me on the tour, I love my new pants and button up!

Grainline Studio Morris Blazer

Grainline studio Morris Blazer :: Dandelion Drift

Hey there!  I know I’ve mentioned it on instagram, but I’m not sure I’ve shared this over here, this winter we are headed on a trip.  A pretty big trip…we are headed to Japan!  Woo hoo!  And traveling to somewhere cold in the winter has led me to think of sewing some layering clothes, like this Grainline Studio Morris Blazer!

Grainline studio Morris Blazer :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, let me fill you in a bit on the trip.  My sister in law works for the military and has been working over in Japan for the past two years.  Ever since she started her three year term in Japan, Josh and I have been saving our pennies to fly on over there.  Last April we finally had enough money saved up (combined with some frequent flier miles donated by my mom) to purchase the plane tickets for our little family of four!  Now all of our spare dollars have been going into savings so we can have fun while we are in Japan…woo hoo!

Grainline studio Morris Blazer :: Dandelion Drift

I’ve been gearing up for the fun in Japan (and prepping the kids for the really long flight).  And only recently it occurred to me that it’s going to be cold in Japan.  Really cold, probably not for you guys, but really cold for this Florida family!  So that led to me thinking I need to start ramping up my layering wardrobe!

Alright, ready for some sewing talk?  This is the morris blazer pattern, which I’m assuming you’ve seen before.  There are numerous great morris blazers out there!  I didn’t know if I was a blazer girl or not, but about six months ago I decided I’d like to give the pattern a try.  I ordered the paper pattern from Indiesew and then I just let it sit there!  For a whole six months.

Grainline studio Morris Blazer :: Dandelion Drift

I actually had ordered some fabric with the blazer in mind and then decided it didn’t have enough structure for the blazer.  Coincidentally that fabric became this maxi dress (blogged about here).  So the fabric hunt continued.  I was looking for a ponte knit without much polyester.  I found just the fabric I wanted on etsy and it actually has no polyester…woo hoo!  This ponte knit is a rayon, nylon, spandex blend and it is truly great!

Grainline studio Morris Blazer :: Dandelion Drift

The pattern came together smoothly!  The only little bump I ran into was while I was sewing on the lapel facing, I should have used my walking foot, but I didn’t.  And my un-interfaced fabric wanted to stretch when sewn to the interfaced lapel.  I think using a walking foot would fix the stretching issue I had, either that or interface just the seam line.  Any morris blazer sewists have any advice?  Ooh speaking of interfacing, I purchased a tricot fusible interfacing, but I bought it so long ago I can’t remember where I ordered it from!

Okay here’s a quick recap of the sewing details:

Pattern: Grainline Studio Morris Blazer from Indiesew

Fabric: Black Ponte Knit

Size: 4, no alterations

Alterations for next time: use walking foot to avoid stretching out the fabric, lengthen arms by 1 inch

Grainline studio Morris Blazer :: Dandelion Drift

I’m sharing this ponte blazer with you in conjunction with Indiesew’s cardigan week.  Allie kindly is offering all Indie Sew customers a 15% discount on all cardigans and blazers in the shop through Sunday, October 11.  Just use the code FALLCARDIGANS16 when you check out!