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Work In Progress :: Too Many Projects

So I have a confession to make.  I am a habitual project starter, and not always the best project finisher.  It’s something I’m working on, but when I get an idea, I drop all that I am doing and start working on this new idea.  And then (sadly) I don’t always finish what I had dropped.  Am I the only one?  I think that might be a creative thing?!?  Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that it’s something I shouldn’t be concerned about!

Washi Dress :: Dandelion Drift

So the washi dress I showed you last week.  It is so close to being done.  I just have the tiniest bit of hand stitching left to finish it up.  But before I could finish that hand stitching the prettiest Robert Kaufman fabric came in the mail, which led me to buy this new pattern, which led me to forget to finish my washi…ack!  Almost there!

Cabin Dress :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  This new pattern, the Cabin dress, is by a new to me designer.  I bought it because of the pockets.  But I love little features in the PDF pattern that say “Next Row” or “Done” to help you with taping the pattern together.  Genius idea!