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Sewing for Men Vintage McCalls 2887

Sewing for Men McCalls Loominous :: Dandelion Drift

It’s not often that I sew something for my man.  I buy patterns, make plans, and for some reason rarely follow through!  Well, I bought this McCalls 2887 from the thrift store several months ago and thought it was finally time to sew it up!  I had bought this Anna Maria Horner loominous fabric (from imagine gnats but it’s no longer in stock there) with a button down shirt in mind for Josh and was so happy to cut into it!

Sewing for Men McCalls Loominous :: Dandelion Drift

I’m guessing this pattern is from the 80s based on the cover photo.  It comes with only one size in the envelope.  The thrift store had two sizes, 42 and 40, so I bought them both.  I used the size 42 for Josh and need to make a few changes to get the fit a little better next time.

Sewing for Men McCalls Loominous :: Dandelion Drift

I decided to go ahead and sew two of these shirts at the same time.  I sewed this one you see here, and a solid blue lawn shirt you can see on the imagine gnats blog today.  Sewing two button downs at the same time, I’ve learned, doesn’t add too much work and you end up with twice as many shirts in the end!

Sewing for Men McCalls Loominous :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, so pattern details.  I go into some info about the back yoke over on the imagine gnats blog and the funny pattern piece that came in the envelope.  I also talked over there a bit about the sleeves.  I need to modify the sleeves next time (and they bug me enough that I’m going to seam rip and re set them) but I think they are just big!  They are wide (girth wise) and the sleeve cap didn’t fit into the armscye well.

I also think I need to widen the back at the shoulders.  I did need to change the seam allowance when sewing to avoid pulling at the chest.  The pattern calls for a 5/8 inch seam allowance.  I went down to a 3/8 inch seam allowance at the chest, and transitioned back out to 5/8 at the waist.

Overall, though, it’s a great basic pattern.  I can’t wait to try and make these few modifications next time to help get a perfect fit!  And don’t tell Josh, but I actually really enjoyed sewing for him!  I see many more projects for my man in the future!

Sewing for Men McCalls Loominous :: Dandelion Drift

Quick Glance:

Pattern:  Vintage McCalls 2887

Size:  42

Fabric:  Anna Maria Horner Loominous

Modifications:  added a real back yoke instead of the faux yoke, added a back pleat

Next time:  widen shoulders and chest, modify sleeve pattern to make narrower and have better fit in armscye

Also check out the other button down I made over at imagine gnats today!


Retro Rucksack

One of the fun things about blogging is getting to meet new people.  It’s amazing how much talent is hidden out there.  Have you all heard of Sara from Radiant Home Studio?  She has a pdf bag pattern business and her bags are pretty great.


I was asked by Sara to sew up her Retro Rucksack pattern and I happily said yes.  This bag is full of amazing details.  The more I sew, the more I have learned that details are what make sewing go from homemade to looking store bought.  I love a pattern that is full of details, and this pattern is just that!

retro rucksack pattern

I’m going to warn you, when you are sewing a pattern full of details, like the Retro Rucksack, it’s not a quick sew.  But that is definitely not a bad thing.  I sew because I love to, not because I want to get to a finished product as fast as I can.  So this pattern took me a bit of time and had me enjoying the process.

retro rucksack bag

Want to know what I used to sew this bag up?  A rug, a $3 ikea rug.  Every time I go to ikea I see these signe rugs and immediately think of a bag.  Inspiration comes in the weirdest places.  The rest of the fabric is thrifted home dec fabric.  It is super thick, almost as thick as the rug.  And the lining (that I forgot to photograph) is leftover fabric from this great jacket (another pattern full of details).

retro rucksack stripes

I have a beast of a sewing machine that does great at sewing through thick fabric.  There were a few times, especially when I was asking my machine to sew through several layers of the rug, that it was angry with me.  But patience and perseverance brought us to this end product that I love!

rug retro rucksack retro rucksack buckle

Look at all these details.  There are side pockets, that are a little bit wider at the top, making them easier to put things in.  There’s a zipper pocket on the inside.  The buckles, love these two buckles.  A zip top opening.  The straps on the bag that have functioning sliders.  I love these details!  And I love my new bag!

retro rucksack back

And did you see that picture up there that shows the rucksack could be worn on my back or on my shoulder!  I love this bag (have I said that yet?)

retro rucksack retro rucksack sewing pattern

Want to take a look at some more Retro Rucksack inspiration?  Sara has a whole line up of great ladies sewing this pattern this week.

rug rucksack


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Retro Rucksack Inspiration Tour | Radiant Home Studio

Sara kindly provided the pattern for me to sew, but all opinions are 100% my own!

Sewing For Men :: Shorts

I’m still working on sewing for men…and I just squeezed this one in before the end of February.  Two months of 2014 down, two items sewn for my man.

Jedediah Shorts

Before I tell you about these shorts, can I confess something to you guys?  I have had this pattern, and this fabric purchased specifically for this pattern, for months.  A lot of months.  An embarrassingly large amount of time for me to procrastinate and put this project off.  I was nervous to sew these shorts for a few reasons.  Josh is not your typical out of the box guy.  When we purchase clothes for him, they usually need to be ordered online because stores don’t carry clothes that fit him.  His inseam is long, 36 inches.  His arms are long, 17 inches.  And he has a muscular build.

Jedediah Shorts

Oh, and maybe I should tell you the pattern, huh!  These are the Jedediah Shorts.  It’s a great pattern with great instructions and a great sew a long to help you make it through each step of the pattern.  I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to sew pants for their man.  It leaves you with a very professional pair of shorts (or pants) inside and out.

Jedediah Shorts

I made these out of Robert Kaufman’s linen from  I must be on a linen kick lately.

Jedediah Shorts

I would, though, call these a wearable muslin, because there are a handful of modifications I want to make to help them fit better.  The waist fits perfectly, but these are a bit tight in the thighs.  Katie added 1/2 inch to each side of the thighs in her version and they look just the way Josh’s ready to wear pants are, so I think I will follow her lead and do that next time.  In fact, I think I will copy her and make a boot cut pair of pants next time.

Jedediah Shorts

Josh also mentioned the back pockets.  He carries his wallet around in there, and feels like they are a little too shallow, so I will add some depth to the pockets.  I might even prefer welt pockets in the back.  And I also think I need to add a little room in the toosh area.  Can you do a butt adjustment on shorts for men?

Jedediah Shorts

Alright, let me point out all the things I love about the pattern.  The details.  I love all of the bar tacks that are added on the pockets and the fly.  And the inside (which I forgot to photograph)  is finished with bias tape throughout, covering all the raw edges.  The inseam has flat felled seams which look so professional.  And the top stitching, definitely time consuming but definitely worth it!

I’m thrilled that I gave myself a goal to sew more for Josh this year.  These shorts definitely leave me feeling like a better seamstress, tackling a few new techniques and facing a few fit issues.  I’m not sure what I have planned to sew for Josh next month.  Maybe a t shirt?  I have a vintage tee pattern that I’ve been wanting to try.

Sewing For Men :: A Vest

McCalls 2447

So one of my new year’s resolution is to sew more for Josh.  It’s embarrassing that I haven’t sewn anything for him, unless you count altering pajama pants!  My goal is to sew him one item a month.  I have no excuses, no reasons to break this resolution.  In fact, I have a handful of patterns I want to try and I’ve even purchased (and washed) fabric for these patterns.

McCalls 2447

I’d love to tell you that I’ve already started sewing for Josh, but today’s sew is actually for a friend of ours.  Josh was just my model to see if it would fit.  I love it so much that I’m definitely going to have make one for my guy!

McCalls 2447

This is McCalls 2447.  It has many patterns in it, and this weekend I sewed the vest.  It was really an easy sew, but I was tired when I sewed it, which meant the seam ripper was my best friend.  I sewed so many seams backwards and unpicked them to just sew them backwards again, it wasn’t funny.  I finally got it right though and learned a lesson.  Never sew when tired!

McCalls 2447

One more quick thing….isn’t Josh’s tie the best?  I found it at our thrift store for $1.  I love it!

Happy Monday all…I hope your week is off to a good start!