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Egyptian Costumes

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift I don’t know if I had griped about this here, but this year my kids gave me a doozie of a Halloween request.  They asked to be Jabba the Hutt and Gollum.  First Gollum…I had to explain that he is naked.  And then Jabba the Hutt…that could either turn out to be the coolest costume, or the biggest flop.  I asked the kiddos what their runner up costume would be and they both landed on ancient Egyptians!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

Phew…I knew I could handle Egyptians!  For Sweet Pea’s costume, I used a dress I had already made.  This is the First Day Dress that I blogged about back here.  She just needed a few accessories to make it an Egyptian costume.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

I had some gold swimsuit fabric lying around (probably from sewing Egyptian costumes for the church play).  I made a simple belt to tie around her waist.  This belt is really easy…it’s just a three inch wide piece of fabric, with a tie shape sewn onto the middle (no finished edges for this belt!).  And it’s just safety pinned in the back.  I also made her gold bracelets, and a gold headband (I will have a tutorial for this headband in the near future).

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

For Bubba’s costume I was starting from scratch.  I’m going to give you a real quick run down, but the materials were simple.  You’ll need a large brown t shirt, some gold fabric, and a small cut of blue knit fabric.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The skirt is a simple yoga waisted skirt (like this tutorial).  For the collar, I simply cut around the collar of the t shirt, 3.5 inches wide.  I didn’t want the ribbing of the brown shirt to show on the collar, so I folded that under and stitched into place.  Then I cut one inch wide strips of my gold swimsuit fabric, and sewed two rows of that in place (the second row wrapped around the raw edges of the collar).  Quick and easy!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The head dress is a piece of blue knit fabric, 14 inches by 25 inches.  Again, the gold is just one inch pieces of fabric sewn down every few inches.  And it is held in place with a gold headband (tutorial coming).  And the belt is just like Sweet Pea’s belt.

The staff was my husband’s idea.  It’s a piece of one inch pvc pipe spray painted gold.  The top curved part is air dry clay, shaped, dried, and painted.  Voila…Egyptians with accessories!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  I asked my kids to do whatever they thought ancient Egyptians would do…and they were having these silly arguments about who has the power!  They were hilarious and loved getting into character!

Any last minute Halloween sewing going on at your house?


Retro Rucksack

One of the fun things about blogging is getting to meet new people.  It’s amazing how much talent is hidden out there.  Have you all heard of Sara from Radiant Home Studio?  She has a pdf bag pattern business and her bags are pretty great.


I was asked by Sara to sew up her Retro Rucksack pattern and I happily said yes.  This bag is full of amazing details.  The more I sew, the more I have learned that details are what make sewing go from homemade to looking store bought.  I love a pattern that is full of details, and this pattern is just that!

retro rucksack pattern

I’m going to warn you, when you are sewing a pattern full of details, like the Retro Rucksack, it’s not a quick sew.  But that is definitely not a bad thing.  I sew because I love to, not because I want to get to a finished product as fast as I can.  So this pattern took me a bit of time and had me enjoying the process.

retro rucksack bag

Want to know what I used to sew this bag up?  A rug, a $3 ikea rug.  Every time I go to ikea I see these signe rugs and immediately think of a bag.  Inspiration comes in the weirdest places.  The rest of the fabric is thrifted home dec fabric.  It is super thick, almost as thick as the rug.  And the lining (that I forgot to photograph) is leftover fabric from this great jacket (another pattern full of details).

retro rucksack stripes

I have a beast of a sewing machine that does great at sewing through thick fabric.  There were a few times, especially when I was asking my machine to sew through several layers of the rug, that it was angry with me.  But patience and perseverance brought us to this end product that I love!

rug retro rucksack retro rucksack buckle

Look at all these details.  There are side pockets, that are a little bit wider at the top, making them easier to put things in.  There’s a zipper pocket on the inside.  The buckles, love these two buckles.  A zip top opening.  The straps on the bag that have functioning sliders.  I love these details!  And I love my new bag!

retro rucksack back

And did you see that picture up there that shows the rucksack could be worn on my back or on my shoulder!  I love this bag (have I said that yet?)

retro rucksack retro rucksack sewing pattern

Want to take a look at some more Retro Rucksack inspiration?  Sara has a whole line up of great ladies sewing this pattern this week.

rug rucksack


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Retro Rucksack Inspiration Tour | Radiant Home Studio

Sara kindly provided the pattern for me to sew, but all opinions are 100% my own!

Spring Showers Jacket

Spring Showers Jacket

Heidi from Elegance and Elephants is releasing her newest pattern today.  It is the Spring Showers Jacket and I LOVE this pattern!  It is safe to say that this is my favorite thing I have made for Sweet Pea recently.  When Heidi asked for testers, I jumped as fast as I could (among a million other things happening) to say that I would test.

Spring Showers Jacket

I am so glad that I was able to sew this pattern.  It is great!  The details are definitely what make this pattern.  The hood, with a brimmed front, the dropped hem in back, the pockets with their little flaps up top, the corded waist, to cinch it up, the little hanging hook inside (which I forgot to get a pic of), and that long metal zipper!  LOVE!

Spring Showers Jacket

The fabric for this was originally purchased to make Josh a pair of Jedediah pants.  I was so bummed when it came in, knowing that if I went ahead with my Jedediah plans, Josh would look like a 30 something boy scout (nothing against scouts, Josh is one of them).  But not what I was looking for.

Spring Showers Jacket

I am so glad that this fabric hung in my stash, though, because it was perfect for this jacket.  The whole time I was sewing, I was very nervous that Sweet Pea wouldn’t like it.  The one thing she asked was for me to use pink or purple fabric.  The green fabric was calling me though, and I’m happy I listened to it’s call.  I snuck pink in for Sweet Pea in all of my topstitching, and the lining of course.  And Sweet Pea loves it!

Spring Showers Jacket

Take a look at these pics…I love all of the faces that she is making trying to figure out how all of the pockets and drawstring work on her new jacket!  For the drawstring, I wasn’t crazy about all of the plastic stops that my local store had.  I did, though, love these wooden buttons.  I used them instead, knowing that they could be tied to hold the cinched in waist.  I also decided I really wanted metal snaps instead of buttons.  First time using snaps, and they are my new favorite thing!

Spring Showers Jacket

I did make the jacket a little big.  There’s definitely room to grow, with 1 inch of hemming tucked in those sleeves.  I’m all about making things last a long time! Spring Showers Jacket

Want a copy of the pattern?  Head on over to Elegance and Elephants and pick on up!

This post contains affiliate links.  And this pattern was provided for me, but all opinions are 100% my own!

Tie Flash Sale

DIY Fedora and Tie

I hope you all are having a great weekend!  I just wanted to pop in real quick to let you know my friend Shannon is having a great sale on her tie pattern through today!

DIY Tie and Fedora

I’ve made a handful of ties before, and most of them have required a lot of hand sewing and I’ve had a hard time getting them to come out symmetrically.  This tie uses a completely different method than what I have seen and I love it.  The tie was perfectly symmetrical and no hand sewing!  Woo hoo! I don’t know if I have shared this on the blog (I have shared on instagram though), but Bubba is in love with dressing up each Sunday.  It melts my heart to see him dressed in suits every Sunday.  In fact, we are out of town this weekend, and he made sure to pack his little suit (three piece suit, vest and all)!

Tie and Fedora

Shannon’s tie sale is through today, and is only 99 cents.  She has just released a bundle of big boy and adult tie for $1.99.  You can purchase them in her Etsy shop or on Craftsy.

The fedora hat is an E&E pattern, blogged about here.


Road Trip Case

Has the rainbow loom obsession entered your house?  Back in the fall, a few girls started bringing their rainbow looms to our school meetings on Monday mornings.  This quickly took off as an avid obsession in our house.  Want to know how many looms we have between the two kids?  Four…yep, four!  Thank you grandmas!  The kids love them, and I think it’s kind of a healthy obsession.  You kids want to craft?  Anytime!

road trip case

Storage, though, has become a problem!  Anna made a pattern for rainbow looms to go in and I quickly snatched that pattern up.  It was needed in our house!

road trip case

This case is for Sweet Pea.  She picked out the fabrics and I love her mix of different patterns and colors!  The outside fabric, though, is by far my favorite!  It’s a sample of upholstery fabric I have had in my stash for years.  A friend of mine who owns an interior decor business had this sample and no longer needed it, score!

road trip case

This was the first time I sewed with vinyl, and it wasn’t tricky at all.  Anna suggests going to your fabric store and looking in the upholstery section for vinyl.  I went to Ikea and purchased a $3 shower curtain.  I’m sure it isn’t as thick as vinyl from the fabric store, but it did the job and has held up well!  (We’ve had this case for over a month now, I’ve just been behind on blogging projects.) road trip case

road trip case

Now I need to bring Bubba into the sewing room and have him pick out some fabrics for his case.

Jack and Jill Shirt

This time last year, I would have been scared to sew a button down.  Mostly, thanks to some Archer sewing, I have conquered that fear and button down shirts don’t make me shake in my boots anymore!  Amazing, huh!

Shannon, from Little Kids Grow, put out a call for testers to test her first ever pattern, a modern button down shirt with many options!  Being all confident, I raised my hand and she picked me (it probably didn’t go much like that, but it kind of feels that way!).  I think it’s kind of neat how much my sewing skills have improved with all of the sewing I have been doing this year!

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt pattern Well, I am so glad that I tested this pattern, it is great!  It is one of those patterns that is such a good basic, I can see myself using it over and over again.  For Sweet Pea’s shirt I wanted to do a little color blocking.  And Shannon walks you through that, which is perfect because I had just a bit of each of these fabrics left, just enough to squeeze this shirt onto.

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt pattern

Bubba’s shirt was made from one of Josh’s old dress shirts.  It had a stain on the front of it, so I cut the pattern out right around the stain, and voila, a perfectly new shirt for Bubba!  I love the cuff tabs that are included in this pattern!

jack and jill shirt pattern

jack and jill shirt pattern And if you ask Bubba how he feels about his new shirt, this last picture sums it up!

Oh, I should tell you her pattern line is called Peaches and Peanuts (cute, right) and the Jack and Jill pattern is available for a deep discount today and tomorrow.  Take a look at her shop here and you can read a little write up on the pattern over at Pattern Revolution.

Ninja Costume

If you follow me on instagram, you probably have seen that I have been frantically putting together the last minute details of my kids costumes, staying up way too late working into the wee hours with Josh!  Can I just say that I am so blessed to have a husband who will help me on all of my crazy crafty adventures!

We had a costume party last Friday that kicked my butt into gear and got my costume making factory going.  I had one main goal for this year’s costumes…okay two.  1.  Finish on time and 2.  I wanted the costumes to be wearable, as more than just a costume.

DIY ninja costume Bubba requested to be a ninja this year.  This would be crazy easy to make the outfit wearable!  For the pants, I used Dana’s shorts pattern, and just extended the legs to make them pants.  I used the exact same alterations to the waist as I did here for Sweet Pea’s shorts, making these out of black knit fabric.

DIY ninja costume The top, I was oh so fortunate to win Sarah’s Bimaa pattern from Suz, who hosted a giveaway!  I knew this would make a perfect ninja top.  I sewed the hooded version in a size six.  That was the first round.  When I handed it off to Bubba, he said, “ninjas should only have their eyes showing.  I want my hood to come down lower and my nose and mouth covered.”

DIY ninja costume Back to the machine I headed.  Just a few tweaks were needed.  I took the hood in 3/4 of an inch on either side of the center hood piece, tightening it up, which brought it down to where Bubba wanted it on his forehead.  I then just took a scrap of the black knit fabric and sewed it onto the front of the hood.

DIY ninja costume This costume was easy….done in a few hours!  It definitely passed both requirements, finished on time and wearable.  Bubba wore these pants this weekend out and about and I love them.  I might have to figure out how to make some black knit pants for me this winter!

Countdown to Halloween :: Lion King

This week is crazy busy…and this day is even busier.  I am in between dentist appointments and swim meets, so I have a total of 10 minutes to get this post written and published.

rafiki and lion king So I wanted to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE costume my kids have worn for Halloween.  When Sweet Pea was 3, she requested to be Rafiki for Halloween.  I scratched my head and had no idea where to go with this one.  But, once inspiration hit, I ran with it.  I followed a basic Simplicity pattern for the general shape.

I then grabbed a gray wig, cut it up a bit and sewed some hair onto the head and a bit onto the chest.  I also made the costume end at the elbows and knees and added black pantyhose for the arms and the legs.  I LOVED this costume!  My girl was surrounded by princesses and definitely stood out tin the crowd!

4 minutes left…My husband also had the bright idea of giving Sweet Pea Rafiki’s staff to walk around with.  We must have coached her 1,000 times that the staff was made for walking, not hitting.  And she was perfect.

DIY rafiki

2 minutes left….Bubba didn’t have an opinion at this point (this was his first Halloween), so Simba it was.  He made the cutest, chubbiest little lion!

Handmade halloween portrait Okay….off to our next appointment for the day.  I’ll be back next week with another costume to share.  Oh, and by the way, I have not done a thing this week to work on costumes for this coming Halloween…I need to get busy!  Tell me I’m not the only one who isn’t done yet!

Countdown to Halloween :: Dinosaurs and Cowgirls

When I was a kid, one great memory I have was coming up with a Halloween costume idea.  Every year, it was a handmade something, weather we bought a pattern and my mom sewed it up, or my dad helped me scrounge around the house to find the perfect pieces to put together to make a costume.  I particularly remember my dad helping me paint butterfly wings. Buying a ready made, store bought costume just wasn’t something we did!

Handmade halloween portrait We have carried that tradition on with our kiddos.  So, since this is my first year blogging about Halloween, I’ll do a countdown every Wednesday, from today until the night before Halloween showcasing some of my kiddos costumes from the past!  Cowgirl and dinosaur Dinosaur and cowgirl Three years ago, my kiddos requested to be a cowgirl and a dinosaur.  This was the first year that I couldn’t convince them to coordinate their costumes, and I was absolutely bummed.  Who raised these kids to have an opinion of their own?  Cowgirl and Dionsaur walking Dinosaur cheese Dinosaur In the end, though, I love what they chose because it showcased their individual personalities.  For Bubba’s costume, I followed a Simplicity pattern, kind of.  The material was just two XXXL green t shirts from Wal Mart, because I knew if this costume was not comfortable, it would not get worn.  dinosaur hugs cowgirl cowgirl hugs dinosaur Sweet Pea’s costume was super easy.  I started with a handkerchief skirt and a yoga waistband.  And the vest is a thrifted suede jacket cut up and then reassembled as this cute little cowgirl vest.  trick or treating trick or treat I love looking back at these pics and seeing the joy on my kiddos faces!  Are you sewing something up for Halloween this year?  Amazingly, the kids have already nailed down their costumes and, here’s the shocker, I have already purchased all the supplies and I have started the costumes!  This year, I won’t be up feverishly sewing the night before all the festivities begin!