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Peek at My Week :: Graduation


Hey there end of May!  How did you get here so quickly?  This month has truly just flown by!  And the end of May means we are finishing up our school year.  I know a lot of homeschoolers go year round, but we need a break, meaning I (the teacher) needs a break!  And I’m sure the kids need a break from me teaching them too…ha!

december-2014-525 december-2014-581

The end of May also means that our good family friend is graduating high school tonight!  Woo hoo.  She’s an incredible girl who is definitely going to become an amazing woman.  She’s off to study art at a great college and I know God has wonderful plans for her future!


A few months back I snapped a handful of senior pictures for her.  Her beauty just radiates and her joyous spirit is contagious!  Happy end of May!  Happy Graduation!  Happy Friday!


Peek at My Week :: Walking


When the kids were little, we used to take daily walks.  Mostly, it was probably to help fill the time.  But it became our thing.  And I loved it.  Somehow, business has seeped into our lives and walking with each other has become a thing of the past.


Well this week, we picked back up and went on one walk.  One…it’s better than not at all.  And it was great.  We talked about the day.  We found cool things (like a beehive in the knob of the tree).  We just slowed down and enjoyed each other.


I want daily walks to become part of our routine again!

Peek at My Week :: Building a Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

A few weeks ago we purchased chickens.  It’s something we had talked about for years, but our little town didn’t allow backyard chickens.  The laws recently changed and we were ready to jump on the chicken bandwagon.  Well, these little chickens (who were residing in a cage in our bedroom) were quickly getting big enough to move outside, but their coop was not done!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

Josh took a day off of work last week to help build the coop, but even after a full days work, this darn building still was not done!  Ahh…we were not the happiest.  This little coop (okay, it’s not so little) took us daaayyys to build and many, many hours, but I am happy to report late Sunday night we finished the coop!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

Well, it’s not actually finished.  We have nesting boxes to build, pvc feeding areas to construct, and a roosting box hinged door to install.  But this coop is done enough that our chickens can move out of our bedroom….woot!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

We had a wooden fence that was in need of replacing, so we tore that down and used all the wood we possibly could to build our coop!  So this coop is probably 80% reused wood and hardware.   Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

We did a little happy chicken dance, moved our feathered friends outside, and eagerly slept in a clean smelling bedroom for the rest of the week!  Oh happy week!

Chicken Coop :: Dandelion Drift

Oh…by the way.  Today is the first of May, which means it’s me made May.  For the month of may I pledge to wear at least one me made item every day.  I’ll be documenting what I wear for me made May on instagram if you want to follow along!

Peek at My Week :: Shearing Sheep

I grew up in cities, not always very big cities, but bigger cities.  Outside of Boston, Honolulu, Orlando, those type of cities!  Well, about 10 years ago Josh and I moved to a small town in Florida.  We were following Josh to his job and didn’t really think much about what type of life small town living had in store for us.  This little small town has been perfect for us in so many ways.  It is slow paced, quiet, and friendly…just the type of lifestyle perfect for raising our little family!

This week we were able to taste a little more small town life when our friends who own sheep offered to show us how to shear sheep!  I assumed we’d just watch how sheep get a hair cut.  Nope.  These friends let all the kids who came to watch try their hand at shearing the sheep and we are going to dye some of the wool to make bracelets (after the wool is cleaned)!  And you know what, Bella (the sheep we sheared) looks pretty darn cute with her new do!

Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift Sheep :: Dandelion Drift

Peek at my Week :: Goodbye First Pet

My mother in law is a woman who has a ton of neat traditions.  She buys the kids new Easter outfits every year (taking requests on colors and styles), she keeps the grand kids for a week each summer (camp grandma) and she buys each grandchild their first pet when they turn seven.


Sweet Pea’s first pet was a guinea pig, Patches (back when Sweet Pea was seven she spelled it Patchis!).  Sweet Pea was determined when picking out her guinea pig.  She knew exactly which one she wanted, and exactly what she would name this new pet!  She lovingly learned how to care for this new animal and was such a good caretaker.  This week, Patches passed peacefully in her sleep.  It was such a hard and emotional morning when we found her.  We had Patches for nearly four years and were smitten with her!  Sweet Pea even had a guinea pig themed birthday party when she turned nine!


Here’s the best picture I could find of Patches…back when Bubba had long blonde hair!

Peek at My Week :: Camping

Camping :: Dandelion Drift Camping :: Dandelion Drift Camping :: Dandelion Drift Camping :: Dandelion Drift  The other weekend (really two weekends ago) we took a little camping trip with our friends.  Josh and I, late one night as we were falling asleep on our air mattress, talked about what it is about camping that we love so much.  It’s simple.  Camping is.  There’s nothing complicated or rushed about camping.  We get to escape our hectic, overcrowded houses.  We leave behind our busy, filled to the brim schedules to just go out into this amazing world and be.  We get to be, without a worry about what’s on our to do list.  Camping allows us to slow down, enjoy the world surrounding us, enjoy the people and company surrounding us.  Do you think I could bring a little bit of that camping vibe into my daily life?

Peek at My Week :: An Eight Year Old Party

Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift

This past week my baby turned eight.  I might just cry a little at how quickly he is growing up.  Bubba requested a horse birthday party, so we told him he could invite three friends to go on a trail ride.  We arrived at the trail riding ranch and played with the ponies while the grown ups filled out paperwork.  We walked around and looked at all of the horses in the stalls, and even saw a baby foal that was just a few days old.  As our horses were being saddled, we watched the cutest (and oldest) basset hound munch on fallen treats on the ground (his name is Elvis!).

Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift

It was a great Birthday party and a great trail ride.  Our horses were all sweet horses and our trail guide was very patient with our large spread out group.

Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift

This whole growing up thing though, I know it is all apart of raising kids, but it gets harder and harder as these kids numbers keep getting bigger and bigger.  Each year, I say this age, this age is my favorite.  And you know what?  Each year, I love the age my kids are.  There are favorite snippets, favorite moments from each year, but I love seeing their personalities grow and the act of becoming who they are.
Bubba filled out a little questionnaire at the orthodontist the other day and I wanted to preserve some of his answers.

His favorite

  • movie is The Princes Bride
  • dessert is fried ice cream
  • drink is cream soda
  • food is chicken
  • color is blue



Peek at My Week :: Disney World

Disney World :: Dandelion Drift

Our family has been so fortunate to hold annual passes to Disney for the past 10+ years.  We recently have been talking and decided to not renew our passes this year.  Life has become so busy, the kids are getting older, and we just thought it was time.  These annual passes were expiring on Monday of this week, so Josh and I decided we would surprise the kids and stay at a hotel for the weekend near Disney.

Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift

We sat Sweet Pea and Bubba down Thursday night to explain that we had a little surprise for them.  Sweet Pea immediately chimes in, “you’re pregnant!”  And then Bubba giggles and says “no, mama’s belly would be much bigger if there were a baby in there!”  No, we are not pregnant, but man did our weekend getaway surprise sound like a small surprise now!

Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift

Off to the hotel we went and we had such a great weekend.  We don’t get away often with just our family of four and it was so nice!  Josh and I walked away from the weekend saying that we need to do these little getaways more often!

Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift Disney World :: Dandelion Drift

If you’re wondering what all these animal pictures are, they are from Animal Kingdom, which has always been one of our favorite Disney parks.  We love rides, and we love parades, but Animal Kingdom just feels a little slower paced, a little less crowded, a little easier to enjoy!

Disney World :: Dandelion Drift

Our one last hurrah as annual pass holders was great!  We stayed up super late and enjoyed our days to the max!  And we have been super tired this week from all of our fun!

Peek at My Week :: Sun Safety

Skin Protection :: Dandelion Drift

I know I’ve said this here before, but I have fair skin, fair skin in the super sunny state of Florida!  This past week I sewed myself a new dress, put it on to get ready for church on Sunday, and noticed one of my moles on my back was a new color, a darker color.  In that picture up there it is a blinding spot to me, like a flashing neon sign saying this spot looks suspicious!  This is not a fun feeling!  I’ve had two skin cancer spots removed before (one in my late 20s and one a couple years ago).  Neither have been melanoma (the first was a basal cell carcinoma and the second a squamous cell carcinoma), but my skin is so prone to these problems, my mind immediately races to the worst possible case scenario!

There was nothing I could do about it Sunday, but first thing Monday morning I made an appointment with my dermatologist to have it biopsied.  Thankfully she doesn’t think it is anything bad, but wanted to be certain, so it has been sent off to the lab to test for cancer.  I know skin cancer is the most common cancer, and is easily treated if caught early, but that c word still makes my knees shake!  So this week has been a knee shaking kind of week!

Orange Blossoms :: Dandelion Drift

Ending on a happier note, the orange blossoms are blooming in our small town!  It has been joyfully beautiful to ride through town in my 20 year old jeep, with the windows down smelling these little white flowers that are so dreamily fragrant!

Peek at My Week :: The Florida State Fair

Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift

Yesterday we went to the Florida State Fair.  We saw that calf up there almost be born.  The kids decided that was not something they were interested in seeing, so we walked away and came back an hour later to see the newborn being doted on by the mama.  Growing up, I went to the fairs that came to the military bases (I grew up a military brat).  There were rides and food, but I don’t remember animals.  This was our first year going to the fair and there was so much to take in.  We didn’t get a chance to ride any rides, but we loved the “cracker country” (showing the way Florida used to be) and all of the animals!  Oh an fair food.  This was Sweet Pea and Bubba’s first go at fair food.  This morning Bubba said “next year, we need to try more of that food!” Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift Florida State Fair :: Dandelion Drift

Apparently Sweet Pea knows how this generation watches a concert!  Ha!