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Peek at My Week :: An Eight Year Old Party

Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift

This past week my baby turned eight.  I might just cry a little at how quickly he is growing up.  Bubba requested a horse birthday party, so we told him he could invite three friends to go on a trail ride.  We arrived at the trail riding ranch and played with the ponies while the grown ups filled out paperwork.  We walked around and looked at all of the horses in the stalls, and even saw a baby foal that was just a few days old.  As our horses were being saddled, we watched the cutest (and oldest) basset hound munch on fallen treats on the ground (his name is Elvis!).

Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift

It was a great Birthday party and a great trail ride.  Our horses were all sweet horses and our trail guide was very patient with our large spread out group.

Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift Horse Birthday Party :: Dandelion Drift

This whole growing up thing though, I know it is all apart of raising kids, but it gets harder and harder as these kids numbers keep getting bigger and bigger.  Each year, I say this age, this age is my favorite.  And you know what?  Each year, I love the age my kids are.  There are favorite snippets, favorite moments from each year, but I love seeing their personalities grow and the act of becoming who they are.
Bubba filled out a little questionnaire at the orthodontist the other day and I wanted to preserve some of his answers.

His favorite

  • movie is The Princes Bride
  • dessert is fried ice cream
  • drink is cream soda
  • food is chicken
  • color is blue



Playful Designs Coloring Book :: A Giveaway CLOSED


When I was a kid, coloring was one of my favorite things, and it still is.  Coloring is so relaxing.  My kiddos have followed suit.  The other day I told the kids I was going to go do something in the other room, they asked me if they could build a fort real quick.  “Sure thing” I said.  When I came back, they had this great fort all set up, a blockade so the dogs could not enter, a jar of colored pencils and a new coloring book out to color. coloring-page-2

They had grabbed the Playful Designs coloring book by Patty Young.  Patty is a fabric designer, a sewing pattern designer, and now a coloring book designer.  Pretty cool resume (I definitely would love to do all of those one day)! coloring-page

This coloring book fit into our schedule perfectly for so many reasons.  First, there’s a color lesson in it.  The back page of the book is full of color lessons (how to pick complementary colors, the color wheel, etc.) which we’ve been studying in our homeschool art lessons.  Second, we just had a little weekend getaway, and coloring books are perfect for long drives and down time at the hotel!  Third, a coloring book always fits perfectly into my schedule!  coloring-page-4

I love that this coloring book is full of different pages, appealing to each person (kids and me included)!  Bubba picked out the one full of animals!.  coloring-page-5

I picked out this mandala design!  And Sweet Pea picked out this paisley design, that she is  patiently working on bit by bit.  I love that she is adding so much detail in her picture, coloring each tiny square a different color, and happily coloring away at her design! coloring-page-3

Want to win a copy of Patty’s coloring book to play with?  (Well, I guess you could share with your kids and let them color too!)  Just leave a comment on this post. The giveaway will be open until next Wednesday, November 19 and then a commenter will be chosen randomly.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted!  Congratulations Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, grab one here and Patty will send you an autographed Playful Designs Coloring Book!  Take a look at all the other coloring inspiration this week and next!

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One Toothy Grin

DIY alligator stuffed animal

Have you all made stuffed animals before?  Yep, me neither!  I thought they would be complicated.  I saw this great tutorial over on Sew Mama Sew for this zip mouth crocodile and immediately thought of my little niece.

DIY alligator stuffed animal

I used to be one who loved handmade Christmas!  And then it completely stressed me out.  Josh and I talked it over one year and decided handmade was great, but not at the expense of my holiday enjoyment!  So now I only make a gift or two around Christmas!  And this little stuffie is the one and only gift I’m making this Christmas!

DIY alligator stuffed animal

I thought this tutorial was great!  I did (I know this will shock you) change it up just a bit.  The directions have you insert the zipper so that the mouth opens and closes, kind of two dimensionally, with no mouth cavity!  I wanted my little niece to be able to hide little trinkets in her alligator.  I added two u shaped pieces of fabric inside the mouth and then sewed the zipper around the lips!

DIY alligator stuffed animal I absolutely love this little alligator (I decided it can’t be a crocodile since I’m a Floridian) and I definitely need to make many more!  I was a little sad the other day when I wrapped it up, packed it in a box and sent it on it’s way to my niece!

DIY alligator stuffed animal Merry Christmas sweet niece….feel loved….you’re the only one in my family getting a handmade gift this year!

DIY alligator stuffed animal

Bird Costume

Yesterday I shared Bubba’s costume, a ninja, which was pretty easy.  Sweet Pea usually comes up with some difficult ideas.  Like earlier this year when she wanted a guinea pig birthday party!

DIY bird costume This year Sweet Pea requested to be a bird.  I walked up and down the aisles of Jo Ann’s and found this great, bright, chevron fabric.  If Sweet Pea was going to be a bird, I knew she needed to be bright…it fits her personality!  So this fabric was my starting off point.

DIY bird costume I don’t own a leggings pattern, so I just used Miranda‘s directions to draft your own leggings, and it is perfect.  I drafted this pair up in under an hour and they are wonderful!

DIY bird costume The top I’m sure you recognize, it is the Bimaa pattern again.  This time I did the cowl neck version.  Remember, I wanted these costumes to be wearable after Halloween.

DIY bird costume The feathers are sewn onto a curved strip of felt that is just safety pinned to the back of Sweet Pea’s shirt.  And the feathers, they are just fleece feathers that were cut out, stitched together, and sort of quilted with some detailed lines to give them a little more texture!

DIY bird costume The highlight of this costume, though, has got to be the mask.  We found a youtube video that showed how to make a basic paper mache mask.  Then we used a cut up cereal box to make the beak.  I L O V E how this mask turned out.  In fact, Bubba has already asked to be a black bird (crow?) next year for Halloween so he can have a mask just like his big sister’s!

DIY bird costume Late night sewing is done, for now, and we are ready for Halloween!

Ninja Costume

If you follow me on instagram, you probably have seen that I have been frantically putting together the last minute details of my kids costumes, staying up way too late working into the wee hours with Josh!  Can I just say that I am so blessed to have a husband who will help me on all of my crazy crafty adventures!

We had a costume party last Friday that kicked my butt into gear and got my costume making factory going.  I had one main goal for this year’s costumes…okay two.  1.  Finish on time and 2.  I wanted the costumes to be wearable, as more than just a costume.

DIY ninja costume Bubba requested to be a ninja this year.  This would be crazy easy to make the outfit wearable!  For the pants, I used Dana’s shorts pattern, and just extended the legs to make them pants.  I used the exact same alterations to the waist as I did here for Sweet Pea’s shorts, making these out of black knit fabric.

DIY ninja costume The top, I was oh so fortunate to win Sarah’s Bimaa pattern from Suz, who hosted a giveaway!  I knew this would make a perfect ninja top.  I sewed the hooded version in a size six.  That was the first round.  When I handed it off to Bubba, he said, “ninjas should only have their eyes showing.  I want my hood to come down lower and my nose and mouth covered.”

DIY ninja costume Back to the machine I headed.  Just a few tweaks were needed.  I took the hood in 3/4 of an inch on either side of the center hood piece, tightening it up, which brought it down to where Bubba wanted it on his forehead.  I then just took a scrap of the black knit fabric and sewed it onto the front of the hood.

DIY ninja costume This costume was easy….done in a few hours!  It definitely passed both requirements, finished on time and wearable.  Bubba wore these pants this weekend out and about and I love them.  I might have to figure out how to make some black knit pants for me this winter!

Countdown to Halloween :: Lion King

This week is crazy busy…and this day is even busier.  I am in between dentist appointments and swim meets, so I have a total of 10 minutes to get this post written and published.

rafiki and lion king So I wanted to share my ALL TIME FAVORITE costume my kids have worn for Halloween.  When Sweet Pea was 3, she requested to be Rafiki for Halloween.  I scratched my head and had no idea where to go with this one.  But, once inspiration hit, I ran with it.  I followed a basic Simplicity pattern for the general shape.

I then grabbed a gray wig, cut it up a bit and sewed some hair onto the head and a bit onto the chest.  I also made the costume end at the elbows and knees and added black pantyhose for the arms and the legs.  I LOVED this costume!  My girl was surrounded by princesses and definitely stood out tin the crowd!

4 minutes left…My husband also had the bright idea of giving Sweet Pea Rafiki’s staff to walk around with.  We must have coached her 1,000 times that the staff was made for walking, not hitting.  And she was perfect.

DIY rafiki

2 minutes left….Bubba didn’t have an opinion at this point (this was his first Halloween), so Simba it was.  He made the cutest, chubbiest little lion!

Handmade halloween portrait Okay….off to our next appointment for the day.  I’ll be back next week with another costume to share.  Oh, and by the way, I have not done a thing this week to work on costumes for this coming Halloween…I need to get busy!  Tell me I’m not the only one who isn’t done yet!

Countdown to Halloween :: Dinosaurs and Cowgirls

When I was a kid, one great memory I have was coming up with a Halloween costume idea.  Every year, it was a handmade something, weather we bought a pattern and my mom sewed it up, or my dad helped me scrounge around the house to find the perfect pieces to put together to make a costume.  I particularly remember my dad helping me paint butterfly wings. Buying a ready made, store bought costume just wasn’t something we did!

Handmade halloween portrait We have carried that tradition on with our kiddos.  So, since this is my first year blogging about Halloween, I’ll do a countdown every Wednesday, from today until the night before Halloween showcasing some of my kiddos costumes from the past!  Cowgirl and dinosaur Dinosaur and cowgirl Three years ago, my kiddos requested to be a cowgirl and a dinosaur.  This was the first year that I couldn’t convince them to coordinate their costumes, and I was absolutely bummed.  Who raised these kids to have an opinion of their own?  Cowgirl and Dionsaur walking Dinosaur cheese Dinosaur In the end, though, I love what they chose because it showcased their individual personalities.  For Bubba’s costume, I followed a Simplicity pattern, kind of.  The material was just two XXXL green t shirts from Wal Mart, because I knew if this costume was not comfortable, it would not get worn.  dinosaur hugs cowgirl cowgirl hugs dinosaur Sweet Pea’s costume was super easy.  I started with a handkerchief skirt and a yoga waistband.  And the vest is a thrifted suede jacket cut up and then reassembled as this cute little cowgirl vest.  trick or treating trick or treat I love looking back at these pics and seeing the joy on my kiddos faces!  Are you sewing something up for Halloween this year?  Amazingly, the kids have already nailed down their costumes and, here’s the shocker, I have already purchased all the supplies and I have started the costumes!  This year, I won’t be up feverishly sewing the night before all the festivities begin!

Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt

The other day I had mentioned on Facebook that I was hoping I could be a pattern tester for Heidi (the talented lady behind Elegance and Elephants) and her newest pattern coming out.  And timing just worked out that I was able to…woo hoo! Bubble Pocket Top If you haven’t seen her newest pattern, it is this super cute bubble pocket top and twirl skirt!  This was my first time sewing up one of her patterns, and her directions are great!  There are lots of pictures and everything is explained so clearly.  She has been wonderful to work with.  And the pattern is due to release….tomorrow! Bubble Pocket Top 2 The bubble pocket top was sewn out of this great gray linen I had in my stash.  I love the clean simple lines of this top!  Bubble Pocket Top 3 And the spin skirt was sewn from some fabric that a good friend gave to me.  Doesn’t it remind you of watercolor paints?  It looks like someone dripped a few colors here and a few colors there.  Twirl Skirt I love the waistband of this skirt.  As I was sewing it up, I looked down at the store bought skirt I was wearing, and the waistband was constructed the exact same way!  Now I know how they did that…and I want every single one of my waistbands from here on out to be the same way! Twirl Skirt 2 If you ask Sweet Pea what her favorite part of the outfit was, it would be the spin skirt.  I even caught her doing a little happy dance! Shake-It

Edelweiss Tunic

Edelweiss 4 Last week Adrianna from Crafterhours was so very kind to me.  She liked the yellow eyelet skirt I made for Sweet Pea which helped me win a couple of patterns from her Hey June pattern shop.  I felt very flattered and very excited at the same time! Edelweiss 5

I asked Sweet Pea which patterns she liked best and she pointed out the two dresses.  Adrianna immediately sent the patterns my way and I got to work on the Edelweiss pattern this weekend.  I had Sweet Pea pick out the fabrics and tell me which areas to use them on.  The green is leftover fabric from this skirt.  And the purple polka dots are leftover from a baby shower present I had made for my sister in law. Edelweiss 1

I decided to sew up the tunic version of the Edelweiss because I knew it would get more wear.  Recently, dresses seem to only come out of the closet on Sundays.  Adrianna’s pattern was great.  The directions are wonderfully written and the tunic sews up quickly!  And better than that, Sweet Pea loves it.  She wore it around all day earlier this week.  And it wears well.  She had no problem climbing the magnolia tree in this cute top! Edelweiss 3 When I attached the ruffles to the bodice, I added a little pink bias tape.  I wasn’t liking how the two dark colors looked next to each other, so a little pink was in order!  I would have to say the Edelweiss was a hit!  Thanks Adrianna for the pattern! Edelweiss 2



Sweet Pea in the colorful suit!

I’m just popping in real quick to let you know it is a busy week over here!  I have a mountain of a sewing project at my table, Vacation Bible School this week, and a first swim meet for the kiddos!  I hope you are all having a great week!