Nikko Top

Nikko Top :: Dandelion Drift

Did you see Kelli’s newest pattern release? True Bias just released a new top and dress pattern, Nikko and I sewed a few test runs of this pattern right before Christmas!

Nikko Top :: Dandelion Drift

The Nikko is a great mock turtleneck pattern that has a ton of options.  It can be sewn as seen here in view B as a long sleeve mock turtleneck. There’s also a sleeveless top option, and then there’s also two dress options, sleeveless and long sleeved.

I sewed the long sleeve top for my daughter in a size 0. There were not many changes to this pattern since testing, just lengthening the arms and the hemline a bit (which I didn’t hem either, so the picture you see is likely much like the final pattern). Kelli also added a little more ease towards the waist of the pattern.

This version was sewn out of a very lightweight knit from the imagine gnats shop, but it has since sold out.

I also sewed myself a sleeveless nikko, but haven’t had a chance to snap some good pics of it!  I love this quick, versatile pattern!

Nikko Top :: Dandelion Drift

Here’s one more picture for you! For all of my curly haired readers, I would love some of your curl advice!!! My daughter has the prettiest curly hair, and it has been a fun road to learning what products work well with her hair. We’re always on the hunt for new products or hair routines to try. What works well with your curls?

Here’s a quick sewing recap

Pattern: Nikko Top

Size: 0

Fabric: lightweight knit from Imagine Gnats

  • I have curly hair, very fine but I have a lot of it! This means I can’t really use a lot of products in my hair since it gets heavy and loses volume. What applies to me doesn’t apply to anyone though! I use a Joico shampoo for curls my hairdresser recommended and it does a good job cleaning my hair without drying it out too much. I recently started using Mane ‘n’ Tail conditioners and they work really well, my hair feels soft but not like there’s tons of product in it weighing it down. I try not to use heat on my hair, just towel dry and then blow-dry a bit until it’s not soaking wet anymore. The only styling product I ever use is EVO liquid rollers balm to tame the frizz!

  • Cute top! The colour looks really stunning on your daughter!

  • I feel I have been watching you little girl grow into a young lady 🙂 She does have perfect curls! Love her new top. It looks very comfy!

  • Vicki Halliday

    Your daughter’s hair is enviable! I wash my curls with bicarb & apple vinegar, then use aloe vera gel for definition before diffuser drying. I like not adding chemicals to my hair or down the drain.