Ginger Jeans

If you follow me on instagram, you know that last month I decided to add to the mix of busy December and sew three pairs of jeans! Actually, the jeans sewing was a nice little stress relief. I’d sit down when I had a free thirty minute window and knock out a step or two on all three pairs of jeans! This week I’m going to show you my jeans (which I just finished at the beginning of January), starting with these Ginger Jeans.

This jeans sewing party consisted of two pairs of ginger jeans and one pair of morgan jeans. I’ve sewn the Ginger Jeans a couple times before (see them here and here), but this was my first time sewing the Morgans.

Okay, more about these Ginger Jeans.  I used this stretch denim from Indiesew, which is way different than the cone mills denim I used for my first pair of Ginger Jeans.  For one, it’s lighter weight which makes it feel much thinner. This’ll be perfect for our mild winters and warm springs.  It doesn’t have as great of recovery as the cone mills denim. I could wear my cone mills denim pair every day for a week (literally) without having to wash them, and this pair here has been worn for a weekend and is bagging out and due for a wash.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just different from what I’m used to.

I’ve found the perfect color topstitching thread for jeans, and it’s not labeled denim or jeans thread. It’s guterman color number 561, found in the topstitching thread section.  I love the golden brown color…it’s not too yellow!

I used hardware from Taylor Tailor this time in copper color. In the past I’ve had a hard time with my rivets popping out after several wares, and so far these have held up a couple washes and many wares!

The last little detail was my serger thread. I love the look of a pop of color when I cuff my jeans, so I used red serger thread while making my jeans!

Quick Recap

Pattern: Ginger Jeans

Fabric: Indigo Stretch Denim from Indiesew

Notions: Copper Rivets and Button from Taylor Tailor, Gutermann Thread

Size: 6, graded to 8 at the hips

Modifications: shortened 2 inches, serged the side seams separately so I could press that seam open below the pockets