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Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

Hey there! I am thrilled we are at a new week!  A new week means there is no hurricane headed my way, power is back on at our house (after almost 48 hours of no power), and all of that adds up to having the brainwaves to put towards sharing a top I sewed months ago!  This is the Collins top, but first let me give you a little central Florida update!

Hurricane Irma played it’s toll on us emotionally and physically for a couple of weeks!  We spent the whole week before Irma landed over Florida prepping the house and the yard to help prevent any debris from whirling around the neighborhood.  We also stocked our pantry with non perishable items (in case we lost power) and ate as much food as we could out of the fridge and freezer to help prevent waste.  And then Sunday night, we spent the night sleeping in the hallway while we anticipated Hurricane Irma to sweep far to the west of us.  Irma had a different plan though and decided at the last minute to bring it’s eye right over our house!  We had one kiddo who slept through the noisy wind, but one was up the whole night listening to the howling outside.  She also sat up around 2 am and said “it’s raining on me!”  We had two small leaks that sprung in the roof during Irma.  We were very fortunate that Irma did not cause too much damage to our small town.  Josh was able to fix our leaks right away Monday morning after the storm passed, and that was the extent of our damage!  We had neighbors missing roofs or tree limbs down, and our whole town was without power for almost 48 hours.  The counties to the south of us lost a bit more, and as I type this, they are still without power.

Irma has taught me that we are so very fortunate to have the luxuries we have.  We are blessed to live in a country where electricity is brought to each and every house.  In Central Florida, we all have air conditioners to alleviate the 90*F humid temps that are outside!  We also live in a community that comes together in times of need!  The week after Irma, the neighborhood was filled with people helping people, stranger helping stranger clean up the aftermath of the storm.  As we drove around town, we saw linemen from all over the United States and even Canada come down to help restore our electricity. Local restaurants were constantly reaching out to these linemen (who left their families at home to help us) feeding them!  It’s a beautiful sight to see communities come together.

I am so grateful to move forward after Irma swept over us and I pray that those that were more affected by the storm (like my husband’s coworker who lost his house to Irma) can begin to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding (which I know is so very hard)!

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

Alright, ready to hear a little bit about the Collins Top?  I sewed this top back at the beginning of the summer as a sample for the Indiesew shop. I loved a version I saw that Emily from In The Folds sewed. She used striped fabric and played with the placement of those stripes to highlight the different pattern pieces.  I did the exact same as Emily, using shirting fabric I grabbed from JoAnn’s.  I also used a tiny cork button at the back.

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

The CollinsTop has several different pattern pieces, and they all come together perfectly!  Emily is great at drafting her patterns, each piece fitting perfectly together.  And her instructions are so easy to follow!

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

There are two versions for the Collins Top, sleeveless and one with sleeves. I definitely want to sew up a sleeveless version too!

Collins Top :: Dandelion Drift

Here’s a quick recap:

Pattern: Collins Top

Size: C

Fabric: cotton shirting from JoAnn

Modifications: none, and I would sew it up exactly the same way next time


I also wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who reached out to us, making sure we were okay during the storm!  What a sweet community we are surrounded by!

  • That’s such a great top and looks wonderful with your jeans! A hurricane sounds like such a terrible thing to experience and I’m so glad you and your family as well as your home made it through it.