Indiesew + Seamly Sewing Patterns

Seamly Co Wrapped Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Hey there!  It’s Friday….woo hoo!  And it’s the beginning of summer over here…school’s out, which means a lot to this homeschooling mom.  We are always learning in our house, but I get to take off my teacher hat for a little while.  No more grading math tests or teaching grammar.  Just a little slow paced learning will go on over here for the summer!

But really you don’t want to hear about our homeshcooling break, you want to hear about the pretty clothes!  I have a fun little collaboration to share with you today.  Allie over at Indiesew has recently collaborated with Seamly, an ethical, USA based clothing company.  Allie has turned three of Seamly’s clothing items into sewing patterns so that we, home sewists, could sew these clothes up!

Seamly Co Wrapped Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

There are three patterns Indiesew and Seamly are releasing, the Vallynne Tank, Basic Tee, and Wrapped Cardigan.  You can buy these patterns individually, or buy all three bundled together. I sewed all three up and absolutely love them all!  The patterns are all made well with seams matching up perfectly.  There are illustrated instructions for all which are very clear!

Seamly Co Wrapped Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

The Wrapped Cardigan was sewn in a size small in a rayon spandex knit from the Indiesew shop.  It’s out of stock, but there are other colors with the same fabric content.

Vallynny Tank :: Dandelion Drift

The Vallynne Tank was sewn in a size small in a rayon lycra knit from the Imagine Gnats shop.  This is my second Vallynne Tank I’ve sewn (you can see the first here in my instagram feed) and I love this pattern.

Vallynny Tank :: Dandelion Drift

The third pattern that Indiesew and Seamly relased is the Basic Tee.  I’ve been loving sewing up t shirts lately.  I sewed this one, again, in a size small with another rayon spandex knit from Indiesew.

Seamly Co Basic Tee :: Dandelion Drift

I read somewhere to only sew stripes when you have the time to sew slowly.  I have found that if you pin your stripes parallel to the seam (not perpindicular, like you normally pin), it saves you time and actually does a great job matching up the stripes!

Seamly Co Basic Tee :: Dandelion Drift

Seamly Co Basic Tee :: Dandelion Drift

Let me give you a quick recap of all the sewing details.  I use these quick recaps as a sort of journal for myself so that when I sew the patterns again, I know what alterations I’ve made or want to make in the future!  This is an easy recap because I didn’t make any alterations to the patterns, and there’s not much I would change next time I sew them!

Patterns:  Wrapped Cardigan / Vallynne Tank / Basic Tee

Sizes: Small

Fabric:  rayon lycra knits (Cardigan / Tank / Tee)

Alterations:  I didn’t make any alterations.  Next time, I might shorten the cardigan an inch.  The tee is long as well, but I prefer the extra length

Allie has organized a handful of ladies to sew these patterns to give you a peak at how they look!  Pop on over to the other blogs to gather a little Indiesew and Seamly sewing inspiration!


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  • Marie Fleurine

    Love your versions, and I’m particularly impressed by your stripe matching!!

  • Love that long teal cardigan.