Vintage Sheet Pajamas

Happy Wednesday sewing friends!  I have the cutest pajamas to show off today! I am awfully lucky to have several really good thrift stores near my house.  They sell some of the best vintage sewing patterns, sewing notions, sheets, and even boots!  You never know the goodies you’ll find, which is most of the fun of thrift store shopping.  It’s like a treasure hunt!

Catnap Pyjamas :: Dandelion Drift

Well I snagged this sheet almost two years ago and finally found the perfect pattern to pair with it!  Toni of Make it Perfect just released a new pajama pattern for kids.  I don’t know if this just happens in my house, but pajamas are always needed here.  Both kids are growing so quickly and always telling me their jams don’t fit!

Catnap Pyjamas :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed Sweet Pea the Catnap Pyjamas (I love how pajamas is spelled differently in different countries!) in a size 10.  I love it when sewing pattern designers make patterns in larger kid sizes.  My almost 12 year old is getting so tall that she definitely needs the larger sizes.

Catnap Pyjamas :: Dandelion Drift

I lengthened the top of the size 10 pajamas by one inch, and left the shorts as instructed.  The instructions Toni put together for the pajamas are great, and the pattern came together easily!  I’m just a little bit jealous I didn’t save this sheet to make myself some jams.

Catnap Pyjamas :: Dandelion Drift

Quick Detials:

Fabric: vintage sheet

Pattern:  Catnap Pyjamas

Size:  10

Alterations:  lengthened top 1 inch

  • Wow what a find! These look like lovely cool summer pyjamas (now I’m wondering how I normally spell it!) and your daughter looks pretty pleased with them too! I’m lucky to have some good charity shops near me too, but haven’t found any nice vintage sheets, or many sewing patterns yet.

  • First of all, I can’t believe your sweet girl is nearly 12!!! Why or why do kids have to grow so fast? You are definitely not the only one with kids outgrowing their jammies (here is one more term for you hehe) in a blink of an eye. This sheet/fabric is so pretty! pErfect for summer time jammies 🙂

  • That sheet is such a score!! I bet it makes the softest pajamas!

  • Jennifer Drury

    These are adorable! I’ve been sticking to nightgowns so far for all of my jammy sewing, but I may have to venture out for this. We also homeschool in FL, and my oldest is 11 (and a willing guinea pig for all of my sewing whims). 🙂