Birkin Flares

Hey there, happy Tuesday!  I am so excited to share these with you.  I’ve had these Birkin Flares in my closet (and on me, because I’ve been wearing them frequently) for so long and really wanted to wait and share my opinion with you until I’ve had sufficient wear and experience with these jeans!

Birkin Flares :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, these are the Birkin Flares (jeans pattern by Lauren Dahl of Baste and Gather).  I have to start this by telling you, never, ever, ever did I want to sew jeans.  I’m not a fancy jeans wearer, not a fancy jeans buyer, so thought for sure I would not be a fancy jeans sewer!  Wrong.

Birkin Flares :: Dandelion Drift

I’ve been buying strictly thrift store jeans for years.  My size is pretty standard and it is easy enough for me to find decent jeans ranging in price from $1 to $5, so I thought there is absolutely no need for me to ever sew jeans.  Well, Lauren was designing this pattern and I read the high waist description.  That definitely appealed to me!  I cannot find high waisted jeans in a thrift store (unless they are a bad flash back to mom jeans of the 80s).  So I thought I’d give this jeans sewing thing a try!

Birkin Flares :: Dandelion Drift

I am in love!  I thought it would be hard and challenging to sew jeans, and it turns out it really isn’t that complicated.  It is time consuming, definitely a time investment, but also definitely worth it (I think)!  These are the most flattering jeans I own, and the most comfortable jeans!

Birkin Flares :: Dandelion Drift

Here are the details.  I sewed a size 27 and am pretty happy with the fit.  My jeans don’t sag at all.  I never have to pull them up or yank them back into their place throughout the day.  I think a large part of that is a good fit, but also good fabric.  I bought cone mills denim from Katie at Threadbare Fabrics and will absolutely buy more denim from her in the future.  I have sewn another pair of jeans in other denim and the quality is not the same.  I am a cone mills fan for sure!

Birkin Flares :: Dandelion Drift

The rivets I used are just leftover rivets I had on hand from this caravan tote.  I want to try actual jeans rivets in the future (like these).  I also just used a jeans button from JoAnn (again would like to try the buttons from TaylorTailor’s shop).  And the topstitching thread is from JoAnn’s (Gutterman brand).

Birkin Flares :: Dandelion Drift

Also, those t shirts you see up there.  They are Lark Tees and I’m talking about them today over on the imagine gnats blog…go check them out!

Quick Glance:

Pattern:  Birkin Flares

Size:  27

Modifications:  Shorten one inch (1/2 inch from each shorten line, one above the knee, one below the knee).

Fabric:  12 oz. cone mills denim




    Your Birkin Flares look amazing! I really love this pattern and agree that they’re great fitting jeans!

    • Thanks Michelle! You have been sewing so many pairs of jeans lately, truly inspiring! I just ordered the Ginger jeans pattern and can’t wait to try them out!

  • These look awesome, Teresa!! I haven’t made these yet, but the fit looks fantastic on you!

    • Thanks Katie! I just ordered the Ginger jeans pattern….I hope the fit is just as good!

  • You look fabulous – LOVE your jeans!!! Thanks so much for this thorough review. 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren….great pattern (as always)!

  • Emily

    These look perfect!

  • OH I have been meaning to write this for ages – the jeans look fabulous! And your photos are stunning.

  • I have bee putting off making jeans for so long- I really need to give these a try! They look fantastic on you!