Shoreline Boatneck

Hey there!  Still catching up on sharing things I made last year, and I definitely tried to focus a little more on staple wardrobe sewing last year…you know, sewing things that get worn often!  In fact, I have a few t shirts cut out right now waiting to be sewn together!  I went shopping for t shirts the other weekend and walked away almost empty handed.  (I did buy a Florida Gator shirt, my alma mater!)  But I was surprised at how picky I have become.  After sewing myself most of my clothes the past few years, I was critical of everything I tried on in the store and was unwilling to fork over my money for something I didn’t love!

Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift

You probably want to hear more about my shirt and less about my unsuccessful shopping trip, huh!  This is Melissa’s Shoreline Boatneck pattern.  The last time I sewed the shoreline boatneck, I sized up, looking for a super drapey, oversized sweater to wear!  This time I went with a size small, sewing up the pattern in the size my measurements put me in.  I love that the same pattern can yield completely different looks with different sizes sewn, and using different material.

Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed this boatneck with some leftover jersey fabric from a cardigan I made last year.  I love the speckled gray of this fabric, and this knit is a great weight for a t shirt.

Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift

Usually when I’m sewing clothes, I try my hardest to avoid a handmade look.  I try to make things look as store bought as possible.  But, it’s also nice to add little details (ones you wouldn’t normally find off the rack).  I decided to add a little leather tab on my cuffed sleeves.  It was very easy to do, and I love the little extra detail.  (Also, this small piece of leather washes just fine…I tested it out in a few washes to make sure.)

Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift

Here are the pattern modifications I made to the sleeve:

  • lengthened the short sleeve length by 3 inches.
  • rolled the sleeves twice to create a cuff, sewing down the cuff on the underarm seam.
  • used a 1 inch by 3 inch piece of leather to make a tab (the raw ends of the tab are tucked under the cuff and under the sleeve)
  • stitched the leather tab down using 1/4 inch seams

Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift

Some other small changes I made to the pattern were leaving the bottom hem un-hemmed.  I also finished the neckline with one of my favorite neckline finishing techniques (found here).

Shoreline Boatneck :: Dandelion Drift

  • Great basic top! I love the simple silhouette and the leather tab is a fabulous addition. I’m the same way now when I shop. It’s amazing the things you notice in RTW after you’ve been sewing most of your clothes.

  • I love the pattern and fabric combination! Sometimes keeping it simple is the most difficult to do.

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  • Teresa, you always make such lovely things. This tee is not an exception. I love the small details on the sleeves. i don’t think they scream “I am home-made”. I think they subtly hint “I am one of a kind” 🙂