Laurelhurst Cardigan

So I guess this is the week where I show you all the gray things I’ve made out of knit fabric.  Yesterday it was a maxi skirt, today a cardigan.  Okay, so that’s it for the week!  But I could go on and on.  I love the color gray!  Especially this speckled heather gray!

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Today I’m sharing my Laurelhurst Cardigan for the Straight Stitch Designs one year anniversary blog tour!  The goal of this sew was to remix it…change it up a bit and add some personal touches.  I had grand plans for my remix, and then eventually landed on this not so very remixed version of the cardigan!  Here’s my little change….it’s two inches shorter, just two inches chopped off the bottom.

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Want to know my big plans?  I was going to add pockets.  Well, I actually did add pockets.  I have a very similar cardigan from Lands End with side seam pockets.  The pockets in the Lands End cardigan are sewn into the hem, giving them the support they need to stay in place.  Well, this store bought cardigan is made out of french terry, a much more stable knit than I chose.  When I sewed the same pockets in my cardigan, they dropped.  They dipped below the hem line and looked all kind of wonky.  I was so bummed.  I had made a pattern piece for you and everything, I knew it was going to turn out awesome.  Ha!  Oh well, pockets didn’t work so I just chopped the bottom of the cardigan off!  I’m loving this shorter version, though, because I can wear the cardigan with shorts.

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Enough about my failed remix.  Want to hear more about the cardigan?  It’s pretty great!  In fact, I sewed it up quickly (maybe 1 hour total) and wore it to work that evening.  And I received a compliment right away from a friend!  Yesterday I mentioned how I think maxi skirts make you look long and lean.  I think the same is true for these drapey cardigans.  They play an optical illusion on your eye making you look slim and tall!  I love it!

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs has you leave all of the edges raw on the laurelhurst.  I was reluctant to do so at first, but this fabric curled so perfectly that it worked out great!

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Oh, and the fabric…it’s from Raspberry Creek fabrics on etsy.  This is my first time ordering from Raspberry Creek and I will definitely order again.  Ordering knit fabric online can be a bit scary, not knowing the quality or feel of the fabric.  This knit fabric, though, is amazing.  I ordered a bit more than I needed for the cardigan and I’m so glad I did.  I’ll be making a few t shirts and tank tops out of my extras!

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

While Kimberly is celebrating Straight Stitch Designs one year anniversary, all of her patterns are half off….that makes the pdf version of the laurelhurst only $5.  And she has paper patterns (half off also) and stitch kits (40% off) all until September 20th!

Laurelhurst Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Quick Glance Details:

Pattern:  Laurelhurst

Fabric:  Cotton Lycra Jersey

Size / Modifications:  size 4, shortened the hem by 2″

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