Springtail Sundress

I know there’s been a little radio silence over her for the pat few weeks.  In fact, when I look through my site, the last post I have up is my last entry for the super online sewing match. The very talented Shannon from Adventures of a Young Seamstress won the competition!  I was so impressed with her sewing through all of the challenges, and all of that to boot at a young age!

Springtail Sundress :: Dandelion Drift

These past few weeks (this summer actually) has been jam packed with activity.  Sweet Pea turned 11, 11!  I think as a mom, I must get amnesia, or alzheimers, or something strange happens to my brain.  Each year as my kids get ready to have a new age associated with them, I get all mushy and sad, and really wish that they just wouldn’t grow up.  But then I remember: each year, my kids become a new age that I love.  Each year is a new adventure that I get to discover a little bit more about who they are.  They are growing up, but they are also growing into the people that they are going to be!  Pretty awesome adventure I get to go on as a mom!

Springtail Sundress :: Dandelion Drift

So Sweet Pea is 11, I had a birthday and turned 35, school started, and we have said goodbye to our summer life.  We are working on embracing the structure of our everyday life and getting back into routines!

Today I’m over at the imagine gnats blog  talking about this cute dress I sewed for Sweet Pea and her 11 year old self!

  • Krista

    You are a very youthful age yourself! 🙂 I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your sewing projects. Looking forward to some more!