Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt

Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

I don’t know what the weather is like around you all, but it is HOT here!  Seriously HOT!  Like five minutes outside and I feel like I am melting!  This summer, I’ve been living in anything loose fitting to help beat the heat, and that means skirts and dresses!  I love shorts and t shirts, but man, even a t shirt is sweltering in this Florida heat!

Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

My loose, comfy dress department is lacking, so I’m thinking this summer I might need to make a few more southport dresses.  And Closet Case Files just released a pattern for a new maxi dress / jumpsuit!  Definitely on my to sew list!

Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

But for now I’ve been living in skirts!  Megan Nielsen has a great new free pattern for a circle skirt, with loads of options, the Veronika Skirt.  Since I love a quick sew every now and then, I sewed up the skirt in knit fabric with an elastic waistband.  Super comfy, super simple, and looks like I tried when I got dressed in the morning!  My kind of getting dressed!

Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

This is sewn in Robert Kaufman laguna jersey, in emerald.  I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I live in a small town with not a lot of fabric buying options.  That leaves the internet to rescue me, and Robert Kaufman’s jersey is a safe buy!  I know it is good quality and will last after many, many washes.

Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt :: Dandelion Drift

Have you added anything new to your summer sewing list?

  • Looks really pretty! Also, congrats on the selection for the Sew Mama Sew competition. I so wanted to enter, but our new house and the kids need more attention right now. I’ll be waiting to see what you make and cheering you on!

  • The skirt is so pretty! I love the color too. Circle skirts are my favorite type of skirt to make and wear and so perfect for summer.

  • Now I want to make one in laguna jersey! Thanks for sharing!

  • I have been planing and also started on a veronika the same evening as she released the pattern but not because of the heat, rather the opposite summer haven’t really started yet here in Sweden only the last week has the temperatures been nearing 20°C that’s 68F so rather them wearing light summer dresses leggings and skirt feels like the best option. I wish we could even out if we got half of your heat then if would be nice and comfy for both of us.
    Summer sewing plans, I just made a By hand London Sabina dress with my cousin teaching her to sew and I rather like it and think of make one for me, it is airy light and make’s me feel summer might just be around the corner. I jumpsuit is also high on my list and I think I will make my own design for that I have been thinking of a nice colourblock detail that will make if pop.
    The colour on your skirt is amazing.

  • I downloaded this pattern yesterday! I have been wondering what this skirt may look like in knit, and then you post this? How is that for a co-incidence 🙂 Love this skirt Teresa. It looks flowy and comfy. it feels weird reading about hot summer now we wake up to morning frost and have to rug up to go outside 😀

  • I just printed this pattern! Your version is amazing — love the color and the drape.