The London Backpack

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

It’s not often I sew something for Sweet Pea just because.  No reason, but just because.  This bag was not something she needed, nor something she asked for, but I knew this pattern / fabric combination would be perfect for my girl (who sadly is not so very little anymore)!

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

Let me talk first about the fabric.  This is Caroline’s newest fabric line, Happy Home Fabrics for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I love the outside fabric with it’s little handwritten words.  My favorite word on the fabric is “chosen” but I knew I wanted to highlight the word “sweet” for my girl, because that just sums up her personality!  I did a little hand stitching in green around the word “sweet” on the front flap just to add a small detail.  The inside fabric is also from the Happy Home Fabric collection (which I love that it coordinates without being matchy matchy)!

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, the pattern.  This is the London Backpack pattern by Vanessa of LBG studios.  You can find it for sale here (over at Willow and Co.) and the moment I saw it I bought it knowing it would be perfect for Sweet Pea.  She’s at that stage where sleep overs are her favorite thing.  In fact I asked her what was on her summer wish list and all she could think about was sleep overs with her friends.  This backpack is the perfect little overnight bag to tuck away a change of clothes and the little necessities a 10 year old (ahh…almost 11 year old) would need!

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

I know I talk a lot about details, but man that is what makes my knees shake when I see a pattern (okay, really my knees aren’t shaking, it’s my purchase finger that is shaking, ha!).  This bag is not a quick sew, and that is something I love.  Vanessa has jam packed this pattern with details, from an interior hanging zipper pocket, a large exterior pocket in the back, grommets for the tie closure, ahhh, I love it all!

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

I had a hard time finding the right hardware for the bag.  Sometimes living in a small town can be rough.  Small town = small fabric stores = not a big selection!  I could have ordered hardware online, but I just went with what I had.  I stole the metal strap holders from a purse that was in the donate pile.  And I didn’t have any strap sliders, so I had Sweet Pea try the bag on and I stitched the straps where she wanted them placed.  And the drawstring is just  a shoelace (it was the perfect length)!

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

Well I hope you are having a happy beginning to your summer!  Sweet Pea is now ready with her bag to pack a few things up and have fun with her friends!  No really, as soon as I was done sewing the bag, she asked if she could pack it up and head over to a friend’s house!  Happy summer, I hope it is sweet!

The London Calling Backpack :: Dandelion Drift

Art Gallery Fabrics provided me with the Happy Home Fabrics (thanks AGF).  Of course, my opinions here are honest and always truthful!

  • Jenya

    I hope Sweet Pea’s new backpack enjoyed it’s first adventure it does look like a great pattern. I love the fabrics you have chosen. Handstitching around the word sweet nearly got my knees wobble (because I too love details). Nearly 11! No way!

  • EricaG

    Oh, I love this! The fabric is so cute and casual. And yes, our first-borns are seeming far too grown up lately.

  • Olga Becker

    This is so so cool! I love it! The fabric is perfect for the bag!

  • Cindy A.

    Too cute! I love the idea of using a shoestring. It would be even more fun to use a colored shoestring to coordinate with the colors in the lining. And yes, they do grow up way too quickly.

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