Tutorial :: Chicken Zipper Pouch

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

I have Easter on the brain, and little Easter animals on the brain, so I thought I’d share a cute chicken zipper pouch tutorial (and a bunny zipper pouch today over at Imagine Gnats)!  But first I have a little chicken story for you!

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

We have lived in the same little town for about nine years now.  When we first moved in, we called the town to see if chickens were allowed, they weren’t.  We’re rule followers, so no chickens for us and our backyard!  Well, we called again a few weeks ago, and the rules have changed!  We are now allowed to have chickens!  So we are on the hunt for the perfect chicks and ready to build a coop in our yard!  Well, as perfect timing has it, our friend needed a chick babysitter for a couple of weeks, so we h ave a little trial run with six fluffy little chicks in our house!  We are enamored, and know we will be a little heartbroken when these chicks are ready to leave our house and live on the farm.  But we also will be ready and prepared for little fluffy chicks of our own!

Chicks :: Dandelion Drift

Okay, enough chicken stories.  I’m guessing you want to hear more about the tutorial.  It is super simple and only requires a few materials.  Grab a few scraps of fabric, a zipper, and print out the beak and comb template here.
1.  Select your outside and lining fabric and cut four 6 x 8 inch rectangles, two from your outside fabric (gray in my picture) and two in your lining fabric (yellow in my picture). Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift 2.  On your outside fabric pieces, sew wings by just sewing a wing shape.  You can use a matching thread or contrasting thread, depending on what look you are going for.3.  Print out the beak and comb template and cut out three beaks and three combs, two in your outside fabric, and one in craft felt or quilt batting per beak and comb.

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

4.  Let’s start with the beak.  Layer your beak with the two outside fabrics right sides together and then your craft felt (or batting) on top.  Sew around the two curved edges using 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving the bottom straight edge open.  Flip the beak right side out and iron.  Repeat the same steps for the comb.

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

5.  Line your comb on one long side of one outside fabric piece, one inch in from the side.  Baste in place using a scant 1/4 inch seam.  Line your beak on the shorter side of your outside fabric two inches down from the top.  Baste in place using a scant 1/4 inch seam.

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

6.  Now you are ready to sew on your zipper.  With your comb facing up, place your zipper on top of the comb, teeth facing down, lining the end of the zipper up with the edge of your rectangle.  Now place your lining fabric on top of your zipper, lining up your edges and pin in place.  Sew your zipper with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  To help you sew the zipper, it is helpful to put your needle in the down position, and move the zipper pull when you get close to it while sewing.  Flip your fabric right side out and iron.  Top stitch.

7.  Draw your chicken eyes with a sharpie on the both outside fabric pieces.  Repeat the zipper sewing steps with your remaining rectangles (the outside piece you just drew the face on, and the other lining piece) from step five above, moving the bunny ears out of the way!

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

8.  Now that your zipper is installed on both sides, open it halfway, and line up your outside fabrics, right sides facing, and lining fabrics, right sides facing.  Sew around the perimeter of your pouch, using 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2 inch opening in the bottom of the lining fabric.  Make sure your beak is facing to the middle of the bag while you are sewing the perimeter.

9.  Pull your bag right side out through the opening in the lining.  Maneuver the lining so it is inside the zipper pouch.  Now hand stitch that opening closed and your bunny zipper pouch is done!

Chicken Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

Make sure to check out the bunny zipper pouch tutorial on Imagine Gnats.  Okay, I’m off to go admire these cute little fluffy house guests we have staying with us!

Bunny Zipper Pouch Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift



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  • Oh my, those are completely adorable! I love them! They are so quick too! Pinning to remember for future gifts!

  • So cute! we’ve had backyard chickens for a year now. I didn’t much enjoy the chick stage because we couldn’t put them outside for a while last year even though they were big enough because it was still too cold in our area. They were getting way too messy for inside at that point. But outside is great 🙂 – they’re pretty easy to take care of and we love giving them our leftover food scraps. I no longer feel bad not eating veggies before they start to wilt in the fridge 😉 We’ll be getting more chicks tomorrow!

  • So sweet. (The chicks too … have fun planning for your own!)

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