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Syrah Skirt and Foxglove Tank Patterns :: Dandelion Drift

Hey all!  Happy Tuesday!  Did anyone else have the hardest time with the time change?  Monday morning was seriously hard for my entire family!  I am glad it’s Tuesday.  And it’s Selfish Sewing Week…a week dedicated to sewing for yourself, whatever it may be.  There are lot so details on SSW over at the Imagine Gnats blog and Indie Sew, as well as a few competitions with great prizes on the line.

Syrah Skirt and Foxglove Tank Patterns :: Dandelion Drift

Well for this SSW, I was in need of a new maxi skirt!  I have a tale to tell you about all of the maxi skirts I have sewn.  My first one (a self drafted maxi) was eaten by the dogs.  Yep, I have those kind of dogs that will eat anything that is left unattended.  My second one (another syrah skirt) was made  out of thrifted fabric and I later found out it was covered in holes, whomp whomp.  So here I am, version three and I think it’s perfect!

Robert Kaufman vs. Art Gallery :: Dandelion Drift

For this Syrah I used a solid color fabric.  I know this may seem boring to you, but I really like solids.  Well, I like stripes too, but usually not going across my tooshie.  So solids it is!  This is the new art gallery knits, in solids.  The quality is beautiful.  It reminds me a lot of robert kaufman laguna jersey.  I cut a little scrap of each fabric, robert kaufman and art gallery, so you could compare, but since it is hard to see the difference I’ll explain a little.  Both fabrics are 95% cotton 5% spandex.  They both are 58 inches wide.  The robert kaufman fabric is a little lighter weight and a little lighter in color (just slightly).  It also curls a bit more at the edges.  The art gallery knit is a little heavier, and still curls at the edges, just not as much.  Both fabrics are great quality and wash and wear well!  I searched to find the actual weight of each fabric, and found that robert kaufman jersey is 5.8 oz per square yard, but I couldn’t find the weight of art gallery knits. Okay…that’s all on my little fabric comparison!

Syrah Skirt and Foxglove Tank Patterns :: Dandelion Drift

Back to the skirt details.  I think I mentioned this with my last Syrah, but this is the best fitting maxi skirt.  Lauren Dahl had a genius idea to use swimsuit lining fabric as a slip and to help stabilize the waist band.  I skipped the slip portion, just because I knew my fabric wasn’t see through and I’m gearing up for the HOT Florida summer!  I love the cut of the waistband, which tapers in at the top, so it is a nice and fitted waistband that won’t slide down.  And notice the tooshie?  It isn’t being hugged by my skirt….gotta love that!

Syrah Skirt and Foxglove Tank Patterns :: Dandelion Drift

I sewed this all on my serger, except for the hemming, which I did with my twin needle.  I did make one little pattern change, which was to lengthen the pattern by 1 inch.  I like my maxi skirt sitting all the way up on my natural waist, so I’m guessing that’s why I needed the extra inch.  I’m average height (5’5″) if that helps any of you sewing this pattern.

Syrah Skirt and Foxglove Tank Patterns :: Dandelion Drift


Here’s a quick glimpse at my sewing:

Pattern ::  Syrah Skirt by Selvage Designs

Fabric :: Art Gallery Knits

Outfit Breakdown :: Handmade shirt (the foxglove tank / blogged), Syrah skirt, AE sandals

Lauren kindly has provided a little discount code for you guys on the Syrah skirt.  Just hop on over to her site and enter dandelion2 to receive $2 off your skirt pattern!

  Syrah Skirt and Foxglove Tank Patterns :: Dandelion Drift The Syrah skirt pattern was generously provided to me by Lauren Dahl and the Art Gallery Knit was generously provided to me by Art Gallery Fabrics.  All opinions are honest and true, of course!

  • http://imaginegnats.com rachael {imagine gnats}

    love it!!! and the AGF is about 8 oz/yd, which is slightly more than a square yd. so… I dunno. math 😉

    • Teresa

      I should have asked you ahead of time…I knew you would know!

  • http://www.skirtfixation.com Audrey

    This is so awesome! We’ve been doing a little maxi skirt sewing ourselves… But this pattern has been our list, so we’re excited about the discount!

    • Teresa

      You had a few of them posted recently! I LOVE maxi skirts…they feel like pajamas but looks so pulled together!

  • http://www.createdblissfully.blogspot.com Corinnea

    I can’t believe your dog ate your beautiful skirt! I finally sewed mine of the same fabric and it is luscious. Il look forward to seeing the agf solids. Love love your whole outfit.

    • Teresa

      Yep, it’s kind of embarrassing that I’ve done such a poor job training our dogs!

  • http://www.whileshesleeping.blogpost.com.au Jenya

    Naughty dogs! I would have cried if this happened to me. Love your new skirt Teresa. And also thank you for sharing about your experience with various knits.

    • Teresa

      Yep, I actually did shed a few tears because I loved that fabric! Oh well!

  • http://www.thecraftycreek@hotmail.co.uk Margaret

    Love your skirt, think I’ll be buying that pattern!

  • http://www.siestasandsewing.blogspot.com Cindy

    The skirt is lovely! And it looks like it is very comfortable to wear. Good thing to know regarding the 2 different brands of knit fabric. I need to stock up on some solid knits soon so I’ll keep those differences in mind.

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