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Skin Protection :: Dandelion Drift

I know I’ve said this here before, but I have fair skin, fair skin in the super sunny state of Florida!  This past week I sewed myself a new dress, put it on to get ready for church on Sunday, and noticed one of my moles on my back was a new color, a darker color.  In that picture up there it is a blinding spot to me, like a flashing neon sign saying this spot looks suspicious!  This is not a fun feeling!  I’ve had two skin cancer spots removed before (one in my late 20s and one a couple years ago).  Neither have been melanoma (the first was a basal cell carcinoma and the second a squamous cell carcinoma), but my skin is so prone to these problems, my mind immediately races to the worst possible case scenario!

There was nothing I could do about it Sunday, but first thing Monday morning I made an appointment with my dermatologist to have it biopsied.  Thankfully she doesn’t think it is anything bad, but wanted to be certain, so it has been sent off to the lab to test for cancer.  I know skin cancer is the most common cancer, and is easily treated if caught early, but that c word still makes my knees shake!  So this week has been a knee shaking kind of week!

Orange Blossoms :: Dandelion Drift

Ending on a happier note, the orange blossoms are blooming in our small town!  It has been joyfully beautiful to ride through town in my 20 year old jeep, with the windows down smelling these little white flowers that are so dreamily fragrant!

  • Hoping it’s nothing! Every six months I see the dermatologist – I’ve gotten a lot sliced off the past few years, and every time I’m a little nervous.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee…I just received the call yesterday and everything is okay…phew!