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Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift
Hey there!  I feel like I haven’t popped by here in a while!  Ready for my excuse?  Our computer died…ack!  One morning I went to turn the computer on, and it wouldn’t boot.  I called my husband nearly in tears because all of our pictures were on that computer.  And I hadn’t backed them up, oh, in at least five years. Learn some lessons from me, back up your files.  I was such a wreck knowing that I might have lost all of our pohots.

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

Well sweet Josh helped reassure me that the pics were there and could be retrieved, so we began our computer shopping.  It had been at least 8 years since we’ve done this, and a lot has changed in the computer world.  We had a lot to learn.  We landed on a new fancy schmancy computer, hit the buy button and then drove to the big city of Orlando to buy it!  While in Orlando my sweet dad easily found on the old pictures on the hard drive and saved them for us, phew.

Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift Molly Cardigan :: Dandelion Drift

So, I’m back in action, with a fun new computer, and a well loved cardigan.  I made this cardigan at least four months ago.  And I wear it all the time!  It is super comfy, and I love that it’s a little more interesting than just a plain cardigan.

The pattern comes together quickly, instructions are easy to follow, and it’s a quick satisfying sew!  I made this so long ago I don’t know which size I sewed.  Oh, I guess one other thing to note is I hemmed my sleeves so they are long.  I like to be able to tuck my hands up in my cardigan to keep them toasty!

Alright, here’s a breakdown of all the pattern details.

Pattern :: Molly Pattern, by Liola Designs

Fabric :: Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey in navy

Outfit Breakdown :: Thrifted Jeans, Handmade Tee, Molly Cardigan, Old University of Florida Hat, Converse Shoes

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  • Teresa, I am so glad you did not loose the photos! I would cry like a baby if all our photos got whooshed in cyber space! My old phone died a few months ago. By old I mean very very very old. I had recordings of our daughter’s first sounds on it and they are now gone and I want to cry every time I think about it.

    Oh a brighter note, love this cardi! It looks so comfy. Although I think that you look amazing in just about anything!

    The photos made me think back a few years. My husband’s grandparents had a fruit block and grew orange trees. There were a lot of orange trees behind his parents’ house that looked like those in your photos. They are all gone now and instead of a fruit block there is a nursing home now. Funny how seeing something makes us remember things 🙂

    This was my longest comment on a blog post ever haha