Work In Progress :: How I Store Things

I’ve been on a bit of a “finish it up” roll this past month!  I finished the washi dress and then finished the cabin shirt!  Nothing like finishing a few projects to motivate you to dig out projects that have been sitting in your sewing room, fabric cut out, oh for six months.  Yikes that’s a lot of procrastinating!  I had this brilliant crazy idea last year that I would cut out a handful of projects at once, just because that is my least favorite part of sewing.  I thought I would tackle the boring part first, and then I would get to do the fun part, sewing!  Well, I tackled the cutting, and then my attention was pulled somewhere else.

Marritime Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

This week that is changing.  I’m pulling out a few projects that have been bagged for far too long, like these maritime shorts.  I’m always curious what everyone’s system is for storing PDF patterns.  When I sew a pattern, and decide it’s a keeper, I pull out a gallon sized ziploc bag and store my pattern in there.  The best part of this system is I can cut out the fabric I want to use, and store it in the same bag until I’m ready to sew.  I file all of these ziploc bags in a basket that sits atop my sewing cabinet.  That’s my system…how do you store your files?

Marritime Shorts :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  These shorts have been sitting in this bag so long that there are giant creases all over the place.  I hope it all irons out!

  • Ashleigh | Mish-Mash Made

    I have those on my to-do list for this spring! I’m scared 😉 But got some denim with nice stretch a few weeks ago so it should do the trick….I have a bank of stacked plastic drawers that I put all my “projects” in. I noticed it is getting backed up with things I just don’t want to do anymore haha! I may have to do a little spring cleaning! I like your zip lock bag system though, it is perfect for projects with lots of pieces and/or hardware. Thanks for sharing!

    • Teresa

      Oh a space with lots of drawers sounds dreamy!

  • Laura

    I really like your idea of the ziplock bags for storage! I’ve been using a binder with heavy-duty sleeve protectors for each pattern, but it’s overflowing and incredibly messy.

    • Teresa

      I had thought of a binder too, but knew I would fill it up way too quickly!

  • Audrey

    I have some photos of how I store my patterns in this post. ( It works pretty good. Although I have four binders now, organized by type (women, girl, boy, skirts!)

    • Teresa

      I like how you have them organized by type. I have my patterns all mixed in with the kids patterns!

  • Renee

    I have some green twill maritime shorts all cut out and stored just like this right now. I didn’t get to it before the end of summer and now I’m afraid to sew them up incase I end up being a different size (hopefully a bit smaller) by June. Polka dot ones are going to be so cute!

    • Teresa

      Oh I can’t wait to see your green shorts when you have time to finish them!

  • Min

    I keep my patterns in folder sheets and binder file. As for those I pull out for cutting and sewing, I use the same ziplock system as you. Then once sewing is done, the patterns go back to the file again:)

    I plan to use Swedish tracing paper in future for tracing all my patterns though, as I like that it is strong, yet thin and non wrinkly. Paper patterns can be rather bulky.

    • Teresa

      I like your system! I’ve never used Swedish tracing paper, but I’ve heard it is great!

  • Monica–Adirondack Inspired

    I’ve been asking people this same question! I have been using gallon bags, too, but the kids patterns were taking over my life. I think I’ll keep this system for my patterns, but oy…I’m not sure what to do for the kids. I really like the idea of sticking in your cut fabric in a ‘ready to sew’ kind of way. I definitely need a system for ‘works in progress!’

    • Teresa

      I recently purged all of the patterns I knew I wouldn’t sew again. Why did I let them take up space for so long!