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I finished sewing my cabin dress over a week ago, and I hung it in the closet to think about it.  I LOVE everything about it, except one little detail, it’s too short.  It is a tunic (or shirt) pattern, and I’m not really a tunic girl.  I knew that going into it, so I added an inch in length, just guessing that would be long enough for me to wear it comfortably as a dress, a cute plaid shift dress.  I was wrong.  I should have done a little more than just guess.

So then I just let it hang in my closet trying to decide what to do with it.  Can I become a tunic girl?  It would look cute over jeans or leggings, and I’m sure many people could pull it off, but it’s just not my style.  I wouldn’t reach for it as a tunic.  I polled some opinions from the family if I could add length to it, but in the end I decided I’m chopping off the bottom and letting it become a shirt.  At first I was bummed over the cute fabric I wasted, but I need to also remember it would be a whole lot more wasted fabric if I left it as is (I wouldn’t wear it).  So I’m happily chopping off a little and rehemming it as a shirt!

  • Well, with your great figure, you could actually wear it as a dress. It looks good. But I totally understand that sometimes it just doesn’t feel right and then it’s better to change it instead of having it hang in the dresser…

    • Teresa

      Awww…thanks Annika but shirt shortening is already happening 🙂

  • double cloth!!!! it will be a super cute shirt 🙂

    • Teresa

      I know Rachael…this double cloth is the best. And I can’t believe that you have some in stock still in your store!

  • Oh that’s too bad. The fabric is super cute. I hope you’ll show us how it looks as a shirt. I still am wondering about whether to get this pattern or not…

    • Teresa

      Oooh…I’d vote definitely get it Melissa. I love the fit of the dress and definitely will make it more than once!

  • The fabric is stunning. Teresa, you have such a beautiful figure you can totally pull off a shorter dress. But if you don’t feel comfortable in it, it’s a deal breaker isn’t it? Enjoy the tunic/shirt then 🙂

  • Why didn’t you show the whole dress?

    • Teresa

      I will show you the rest of it next week! I was feeling uncomfortable with the length, so I just showed a peek at it! It’s a great dress though, and will be a great shirt!

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