Mini Hudson Pants

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift Okay, raise your hands if your kids will only wear something that feels like t shirts!  Is that just in my house?  Truly, both of my kids would love to only wear t shirts and athletic wear, every. single. day!

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

So guess what I sew for them, pretty much anything that feels like a t shirt.  Do you remember the Hudson Pants I made for myself a few months back?  Well Kelli has released a kid sized version of these pants, and they are perfect!  My girl LOVES her new mini hudsons and I think they are pretty darn cute on her!

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

These pants were a staple on our Hawaiian vacation last month.  They were worn on the airplane, around the hotel, when it got chilly at night on top of the volcano (I know that sounds weird but it’s true, it’s cold on top of the volcano)!

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

Want to know the pattern details?

Pattern :: Mini Hudson Pant, sewn in a size 8 and lengthened for my skinny 10 year old

Fabric :: double knit from Jo Anns, paracord string for the tie

Outfit Breakdown :: target t shirt, hudson pant, reef flip flops

Mini Hudson Pants :: Dandelion Drift

This past week Kelli had a few bloggers sew up the mini hudson pattern….find lots of mini hudson inspiration on her blog!  I loved Erin’s versions (yep, one for her girl and one for her boy) that popped up on Our Family Four last Monday!

  • Rachel

    Yes, one of mine won’t even consider it if it’s not legging/tee shirt-ish! Looks like a great pattern.

    • Teresa

      Oh it’s good to know it’s not just mine :)

  • Annika

    Stop people, please stop. I don’t need another paper. I don’t, I don’t. Uh, I might be off to finally buy it 😉

    • Teresa

      Let me help motivate you…go BUY IT!

  • Angie

    Really adorable!! I’m going to have to look out for more knits at JoAnns!!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Angie….Jo Anns isn’t my favorite knit source, but it’ll work when I’m in a pinch!

  • Kelli

    these look so great. love them in the drapey knit!

    • Teresa

      Yay…I can’t wait to make many many more!

  • Renee //nearest the pin

    These look so comfy – no wonder the kids love wearing them :) I’m going to buy this for sure once the weather cools down here. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Teresa

      Oh yay….I can’t wait to see when you make them :)

  • kristin

    Super cute! And yep, my girlie is wearing her hudsons whenever they’re clean too (just like her mama, haha). They seem like the perfect pants for a slouchy Hawaiian vacation!

    • Teresa

      Oh yay….all four of us can be twins in our all hudsons every day!

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