Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift Do you ever think that you are superwoman?  That you can do it all?  All by yourself?  I do….all the time.  A few weeks before Christmas, I had this crazy idea that I could make Sweet Pea a twin sized quilt.  Yep, we were headed out of town to Hawaii.  Yep, we already had just about every other day we were at home scheduled to the rim.  But I thought I could do it anyway!

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

Turns out I’m not superwoman.  Hope that doesn’t disappoint any of you!  Turns out I couldn’t finish this quilt for Sweet Pea, even though I stayed up til midnight every possible night!  (And if you know me, you know that’s a lot of love…I am not a night person!) Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

Well Sweet Pea was very gracious to receive an unfinished quilt under the tree.  You see, she has been sleeping under the quilt I made her when she was two.  That quilt is great, but it is definitely not the quilt for a double digit girl.  She has outgrown it now (actually, she probably outgrew it several years ago).  So Sweet Pea was thrilled to get a new, more mature quilt!

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

After Christmas I vowed to do no other sewing until Sweet Pea’s quilt was done.  And with all of my efforts concentrated on one project, that actually didn’t take me too long!  And I have to say this is my absolute favorite thing I have made.  It probably has to do more with sentimentality than anything else, you know, because making a quilt takes so much time.  There is a lot of love poured into a quilt.  A lot of thought and effort goes into a quilt!

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

Want to know the details?  I googled around for a 60 degree triangle quilt tutorial.  I liked this one here…she explains the steps really well, and it all made sense to me!  I looked through fabric I own, because that’s how my Granny would do it (my great grandma is the one who taught my mom to sew, who taught me to sew).

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

Here’s the fabric break down:  The solids are kona cotton.  The coral, turquoise and mustard prints are cotton and steel.  The gray hash pattern is Carolyn Friedlander.  And the blue with white fabic is a cut up target sheet.  (I had purchased the target sheet set to make a dress, you can see here, but I haven’t blogged about yet!)

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

My favorite way to back a quilt is to use all of the leftover fabrics from the front…so that’s what I did.  I love that the back is just as fun and interesting as the front!

Triangle Quilt :: Dandelion Drift

Sweet Pea loves her new quilt!

  • So pretty! I made triangle quilt earlier this year and used aa acrylic cutting template. So much easier than measuring, and so worth the $10! The cutting didn’t require any extra thinking. I got mine from Alison Glass, but I’m pretty sure most quilt shops would carry something similar.

    • Teresa

      Ooh…I’ll have to look into that template!

  • I love the colors – perfect for a girl her age, so fun and vibrant! The back is so cool – it adds charm to it that you used the rest of the fabric.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee!

  • Absolutely stunning! And love that the back is so interesting as well. I love the top stitching as well. I just love it all. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the inspiration. Quilts really are full of love! Oh, and I want to see a pic of the outgrown quilt as well! Lx

    • Teresa

      Wow…thanks Laura! I’m itching to make another quilt now!

  • Oh my, that quilt is gorgeous! Well done you for finishing it so quickly after the holidays!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Angela! I’m pretty motivated by deadlines 🙂

  • A wonderful quilt and story. Congratulation on the finish and thank you for the inspiration.

    • Teresa

      Thank you 🙂

  • Really beautiful!! So special that you could make that for your daughter!! She will love it that much more!!

    • Teresa

      Awww…thanks Angie! That’s my hope 🙂

  • Your triangle quilt is beautiful….front and back.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Lisa. I love a fun back to a quilt!

  • Gosh, this is one of the prettiest quilts I’ve ever seen… And it reminds me of how long I’ve been thinking about starting on one myself! It hàs to happen in 2015, you are my witness 🙂

    • Teresa

      Oh wow, what a compliment Eva! I can’t wait to see what you quilt this year!

  • Kerri-Ann

    Love! Just wondering if you did this without a walking foot?! If so, how?
    I just finished my first quilt and ended up hand quilting and hand binding… for two days.

    • Teresa

      Oh I can’t wait to see your finished quilt. No walking foot here, just lots and lots of sewing!

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  • Trae

    I saw a photo of your quilt in the Sew Mama Sew email this morning and it immediately caught my eye. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I adore the back too! I’ve personally only completed two small quilts so far, but this is motivating me to try a larger project. It’s beautiful! And good luck in the contest!

  • Cindy

    Your triangles look large which I love. Are they larger than the tutorial you referred us to? If so, do you remember what size they were before sewing! Beautiful quilt!

  • Summer

    Beautiful work! What size were your triangles?

    • Teresa

      Oh many summer, I’m not sure anymore. Maybe 6 inches?

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