Work In Progress :: Marigold Peplum

One thing I have noticed about me recently is how often I want things, and I want them immediately.  With sewing (or any crafting, actually) you have to hit the slow button on life and learn to wait for things, actively practicing patience.  Any project I try to speed up, or rush through to finish, quickly ends up being a mess.  This year I want to enjoy the process of creating.  I want to slow down with all of my projects and enjoy my craft!

Marigold Peplum :: Dandelion Drift

To help me slow down this year, I’m going to show you what I am working on, while I am working on it.  I think this little internet world can help feed our NOW mentality, and I’m going to put my bit of inspiration out there to wait and practice patience, slow down and enjoy the process of making.

Marigold Peplum :: Dandelion Drift

So here’s my first work in progress post.  Right now I’m working on the Marigold Peplum by Melissa over at Melly Sews.  I was running a fever when I started this shirt over the weekend, and my first thought was “let’s forget adding any french seams, and just sew this quickly to get it done.”  Thankfully I set the shirt aside when I was feeling the need to rush and picked it up again the next day to sew it with nice finishes.  Patience….these sewing projects might just help me to grow into a better person this year!

Marigold Peplum :: Dandelion Drift

What are you working on right now?  Feeling the need to rush through it?  Want to join me in slowing down this year?

  • Emily

    I have that problem – I am so anxious to see how something will turn out that I rush through it! But I’ve come to realize that the projects I spend the most time on are usually my favorites.
    I’m trying to slow down and take one step at a time, and also check every step as I go. It’s much easier to rip out an imperfect seam right after it’s done, rather then wait until the whole project is complete.

    And I love seeing works in progress! Thanks for sharing.

    • Teresa

      I am just like you…my favorite projects are definitely the ones that took time and challenged me!

  • Angela

    I am so with you on slowing down! Taking it a step at a time allows a better chance for creativity and enjoyment. Here’s how impatient I can be – when reading a good book and getting to an exciting part, I have to cover the bottom of the page to keep my eyes from jumping ahead. Geez. I need a lot of practice with this.

    • Teresa

      Ha…we are just alike. I have to cover the next page of the book because I’ll scan it. And books that print the next chapter on a page that I can see just lure me into reading way too late in the night!

  • Renee

    Yes! I rush through so much. I go through phases where I get some creative energy and sew a ton quickly, then burn out. I also have a pile of things to fix because I didn’t take the time on them the first go round. Patience is something I’m definitely striving for in all things this year.

    • Teresa

      I do the same thing! I definitely want to avoid the rush feeling this year!

  • Rebecca

    oh, yes! i love this idea. When you’re home with little kids all day (and mine are very little!) i’m lucky to glance longingly at my Work In Progress pile… Especially seeing all those (amazing, but childless) sewing bloggers, its good to remember that its not a race. i definitely need to slow down & just enjoy the process! i love your blouse. i have a spotty Grainline Alder thats up to the collar stage, i might get to it in the next month?!?

    • Teresa

      Ha…childless…don’t know what that would be like (nor do I want to :) ). I have so many patterns cut out waiting for me to sew them…I just need to prioritize what to sew first!

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