Hawaii Vacation :: Oahu

We were very blessed to go on a Hawaii vacation a couple weeks ago with my family : my parents, my sister and her son, Josh, Sweet Pea, Bubba, and Josh’s sister.  It was an amazing vacation.  I lived in Hawaii when I was in elementary and middle school and it felt so good to go back.  A lot of Hawaii feels like home.  I’m going to show you these pictures broken up into three parts.  Today I have our Oahu pictures.  Another day I’ll show you pictures from the Big Island, and then pictures from the marathon I ran with my mom.  Swap Meet :: Dandelion Drift coconut drink :: Dandelion Drift coconut drink :: Dandelion Drift coconut drink :: Dandelion Drift

Our first morning on Oahu we went to the Swap Meet.  I have so many childhood memories of walking around there, drinking from a coconut!  Hawaii Sunset :: Dandelion Drift

We saw sunsets that were gorgeous, every single time!  North Shore :: Dandelion Drift North Shore :: Dandelion Drift North Shore :: Dandelion Drift North Shore Boogie Boarding :: Dandelion Drift North Shore :: Dandelion Drift

The north shore was amazing.  We were visiting in the winter so the waves were HUGE.  We just watched from the shore, and played in the sand.  It was definitely one of the best nights though.  The surfers and boogie boarders were doing great on these huge waves, but we did see the lifeguards rescue two people because of how rough the ocean was.  Pearl Harbor :: Dandelion Drift

Of course we visited Pearl Harbor (that was on Josh’s must see list). hanamau-bay hanamau-bay-fish

And Hanauma Bay is a place where you can go and swim with the fish.  There are coral reefs just feet into the ocean, and there is a barrier reef that blocks the waves.  It’s amazing all of the colorful fish you can see there.  I remember as a kid how crowded this beach gets.  We got to the beach at 7 am before the crowds came.  It is much more fun to swim when it is just you and a bunch of fish, not surrounded by all the tourists.  luau-lessons luau lei-making lei luau-coconut-leaves Fire Dancer :: Dandelion Drift We went to a luau at our hotel.  I love that the kids got to learn a bit of the Hawaiian culture.  They learned to make leis, saw a man climb a palm tree, and watched the hula from all the different Polynesian islands.  Going to school in Hawaii, we learned a lot of Hawaiian history (Hawaiiana) and I’m excited to pass a little of that information onto Sweet Pea and Bubba.

Matsumoto Shaved Ice :: Dandelion Drift Matsumoto Shaved Ice :: Dandelion Drift

On my must visit list was Matsumoto shave ice.  It has changed a lot since I was a kids, but they still serve the best shave ice!  We ate the best food in Hawaii.

At the end of every vacation, Josh and I look at each other and say we could live here.  I definitely could go back to live in Hawaii in a heart beat.  I would want to bring all of my family with me though, and my church family, and my friends….okay it’s getting complicated now!  Maybe I can make Florida a bit more like Hawaii!  There’s just something about the laid back, relaxed way of life on Hawaii that I LOVE!

Okay…two more Hawaii posts coming up, I just have to look through the 1,000 photos that we took on vacation!