Sew Together Bag

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

It’s beginning to look a lot like…gift giving season!  Everywhere you go!  And I’m thrilled that I am getting to do a little sewing this year for my gift giving.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I have a hard time telling people no.  For just about anything.  Acts of service are my way of saying I love you.  Well, that means anyone who has asked me to sew for them, friends, acquaintances, perfect strangers, if they have asked me, 99% of the time I have said yes.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

Notice that past tense there….well, a few months ago Josh and I sat down and came to the conclusion that I need to get better at saying no.  A whole lot better at it.  And that means that now, 99% of the time if I am asked to sew, I say no.  Very kindly I say “I wish I had more time to sew for others, but right now my plate is awfully full!”  And you know what, I have so much more time to sew things I have been wanting to sew.  I now have time to sew gifts for others.  No can be a pretty freeing little word, and I’ve learned it has now allowed me to say a whole lot more yeses.  Yes I can sew that gift I have been wanting to give you.  Yes, Sweet Pea, I can sew a dress for your American Girl doll.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

I know this is amazing (to me it feels amazing)!  Actually, from what my friends have said, I’m not alone in this aversion to saying no to others.  Well, with practice, no has become a whole lot easier to say!

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

So want to hear about what I got to sew for a present.  My mom’s birthday was last week, so I had time to sew her a Sew Together Bag.  Have you seen these things?  They are pretty neat…it’s a tiny little bag that packs a whole lot of organizational possibilities.  And this is actually the second one I’ve made.  The first one was gifted to the sweetest little three year old, you can see a little video of it here on my instagram feed.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

This Sew Together Bag was made in the tiniest little remnant I had of some Amy Butler Fabric.  I used Cotton and Steel fabric to make the binding, and snuck a little more Cotton and Steel inside the pockets.  The lining is a brown twill I had in my stash.  And I love that blue vintage metal zipper to tie it all together!

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

I have one more of these bags on my to sew list for Christmas this year.  I think it would make the perfect little travel bag that you could tuck your odds and ends into while you are jetting around the world.  My mom proclaimed it would travel with her laptop to hold her computer supplies.  This Amy Butler fabric matches an ipad sleeve I had made her a few years back.

Sew Together Bag :: Dandelion Drift

Have you been doing any sewing for gift giving this year?


  • What a useful and cool little bag!

    Unlike you, my natural instinct is to say “no” immediately. I’m kind of curmudgeonly to begin with, and I don’t want to resent something or someone I’ve said yes to when I really wanted to say no. I have started enjoying sewing for others more, however – I’m making a shirt for one of our best friends who has a tough time finding clothes that fit him, and muslining a wedding dress for my sister soon – but that feels very different than hemming someone’s pants for free!

  • R

    Gorgeous bag, well done for saying no and getting the time to make this. I can’t seem to get the link to the pattern to work though, maybe it’s me?

  • What a wonderful present! Love the colours, and it is beautifully made!

    Being able to say No is so freeing! Having time to do what you actually want to do is wonderful 🙂

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  • Beautiful bag and good for you! I tend to reflex yes to everything also. I think realizing that I was not personally offended when other said no to me helped me be able to use it myself a little more 🙂

  • love this little bag! And I have some of those vintage metal zippers in my stash…