Egyptian Costumes

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift I don’t know if I had griped about this here, but this year my kids gave me a doozie of a Halloween request.  They asked to be Jabba the Hutt and Gollum.  First Gollum…I had to explain that he is naked.  And then Jabba the Hutt…that could either turn out to be the coolest costume, or the biggest flop.  I asked the kiddos what their runner up costume would be and they both landed on ancient Egyptians!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

Phew…I knew I could handle Egyptians!  For Sweet Pea’s costume, I used a dress I had already made.  This is the First Day Dress that I blogged about back here.  She just needed a few accessories to make it an Egyptian costume.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

I had some gold swimsuit fabric lying around (probably from sewing Egyptian costumes for the church play).  I made a simple belt to tie around her waist.  This belt is really easy…it’s just a three inch wide piece of fabric, with a tie shape sewn onto the middle (no finished edges for this belt!).  And it’s just safety pinned in the back.  I also made her gold bracelets, and a gold headband (I will have a tutorial for this headband in the near future).

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

For Bubba’s costume I was starting from scratch.  I’m going to give you a real quick run down, but the materials were simple.  You’ll need a large brown t shirt, some gold fabric, and a small cut of blue knit fabric.

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The skirt is a simple yoga waisted skirt (like this tutorial).  For the collar, I simply cut around the collar of the t shirt, 3.5 inches wide.  I didn’t want the ribbing of the brown shirt to show on the collar, so I folded that under and stitched into place.  Then I cut one inch wide strips of my gold swimsuit fabric, and sewed two rows of that in place (the second row wrapped around the raw edges of the collar).  Quick and easy!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

The head dress is a piece of blue knit fabric, 14 inches by 25 inches.  Again, the gold is just one inch pieces of fabric sewn down every few inches.  And it is held in place with a gold headband (tutorial coming).  And the belt is just like Sweet Pea’s belt.

The staff was my husband’s idea.  It’s a piece of one inch pvc pipe spray painted gold.  The top curved part is air dry clay, shaped, dried, and painted.  Voila…Egyptians with accessories!

DIY Egyptian Costumes :: Dandelion Drift

P.S.  I asked my kids to do whatever they thought ancient Egyptians would do…and they were having these silly arguments about who has the power!  They were hilarious and loved getting into character!

Any last minute Halloween sewing going on at your house?


  • Wow these are awesome! Your kids must be so happy that you can sew for them. I wish that I had a little one to sew for! I guess that I can’t complain, because my current job is costume designing! You have done a great job with these!

  • HOW. MUCH. FUN!!!! Love them being into “character” like they are…..Bubba is hamming it up!! And, Sweet Pea…well, I wondered if you might use part of her 1st Day Dress {when you landed on “Egyptian Attire”}.

    Better than Gollum and Jaba :)…..and still creative!

  • These costumes are wonderful! Glad your kids had a runner up idea!

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