Tutorial :: Perfect Striped Raglan

Hey all!  Today I’m over at Mae and K talking about villain costumes…ooh Halloween is coming!

Tutorial :: Perfect Striped Raglan :: Dandelion Drift

I wanted to sew something that Sweet Pea needed and would wear again, enter this raglan dress.  She loves anything made out of knit fabric, and dresses are reached for every Sunday!  You’ll have to hop on over to Maegan and Karen’s blog to see how I styled this up for a costume, but I love that it is every day wear also!

black and white raglan dress

When I went to sew this raglan dress, I wanted my stripes to match up perfectly.  I always wondered how I could do this, and it turns out it’s actually pretty easy.  Just three little steps.

Tutorial :: Perfect Striped Raglan :: Dandelion Drift

  1.   First take your sewing pattern and cut out the front piece of your striped fabric. Now transfer those stripe marks onto your actual pattern piece, just by putting a little line at the top of each stripe.
  2.   Next, grab your back pattern piece, and line it up with your front pattern piece along the side seam, matching the underarm.  Transfer the stripe marks to your back piece and then cut out your fabric.
  3.   Last, grab your sleeve pattern pieces, lay them next to the front pattern piece, and transfer the stripes where you would like them to match up.  Start with the front seam, and then the side seam.  And that’s it!  Cut out your sleeve fabric.

striped raglan dress

The way I was matching my stripes before was a lot less accurate!  This has worked perfectly each time, and really works well for any pattern.  I don’t know why I hadn’t been making marks for my striped fabric on my pattern before!

Raglan Dress

My one tip for you to get your stripes to match while you are sewing…use lots of pins.  I am normally not a pinner.  I’m lazy and like to get the job done quickly.  But with stripes, pins are needed.  Pin each and every stripe to get them to match up perfectly.  Don’t take that pin out of your fabric until the sewing machine needle is just about to hit it…after all of your accurate cutting, you don’t want your fabric to shift around on you and lose your perfect stripes.

tutorial raglan stripes matching


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  • L.O.V.E. it! Thanks for the tip on stripes matching. Today I posted about a skirt where I didn’t match the stripes on purpose, and I love it! (See it here: http://skirtfixation.com/2014/10/ina-skirt-review/) I’m not normally a pinner either, but when I made a Julia Cardigan during Selfish Sewing Week, I used striped fabric and pins!!

  • Marika

    This is fabulous, thank you so much for sharing! I avoid buying any fabric with stripes, yet I love stripes, no need to avoid any longer thanks to you!!

  • Great colour and beautiful dress.

  • Oops, I meant to leave that comment for the purple dress, although I like the raglan dress too. 🙂 But the purple is truly stunning!

  • Great dress and such a smart idea to transfer stripe markings to the pattern!