Selfish Sewing Week :: Pencil Skirt

pleated pencil skirt 3

What kind of sewing is your favorite sewing?  Is it sewing gifts for others?  Sewing things for your kiddos?  Sewing for your husband?  I definitely love any kind of sewing, but my favorite, by far, is sewing for myself!  Any kind of sewing for myself.  Sewing for my house (I just finished sewing some curtains for Bubba’s room), or sewing my clothes!  It’s selfish sewing week, which is giving me all kinds of inspiration to whip up a few things for myself!

pleated pencil skirt 2

I started my selfish week of sewing by working on this pencil skirt.  It’s the Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia.  This is my first try at sewing a pencil skirt and I have to tell you I was a bit nervous.  It’s a form fitted skirt, so I knew fit was very important.  With Delia’s pattern, though, I shouldn’t have been nervous at all.  It was a super easy make and fit me perfectly!  Delia’s directions are very clear.  She walks you through sewing the pattern, but also explains how to blend between different sizes.

pleated pencil skirt 6

I had the hardest time trying to decide what fabric to use for this pattern.  I was this close to buying striped fabric for the skirt when I was out shopping with friends over the weekend, but my indecisiveness won over and I walked away leaving the stripes at the store.  I am so glad I left those stripes behind because I found this coral lace fabric I had in the closet.  Second time sewing with lace and I LOVE how it turned out!  Oh, the lining fabric was a thrift store find also…nothing like sewing from your stash!

pleated pencil skirt

Let me tell you a few pattern changes I made.  They are minor, but they helped me achieve the look I was going for.  With the lace, I knew that I didn’t want any of my seams or darts to show through, so instead of lining the skirt like Delia guides you through, I underlined it.  When you underline, you treat the lining piece and the skirt piece as one.  I actually basted my lining to the lace.  There’s a good explanation of underlining here if you want to give it a try.

pleated pencil skirt 7

I also took the side seams in by 1/8 of an inch on either side.  My measurements put me right in between the size 4 and size 6.  I cut out the size 6, knowing that it is always a lot easier to take in the pattern if needed.  This worked out perfectly.  I think this might be the best fitting garment I have ever sewn.  The skirt fits me perfectly!

pleated pencil skirt 4

The last change I made was shortening the hem a bit.  The pattern pieces are long enough that you could end the skirt right below your knees.  I asked Josh which length he preferred, below the knees or right above the knees.  He chose above, so above I hemmed.  I wasn’t sure how I should finish off my bottom hem, with the lace and lining as one fabric.  I ended up using bias tape around the bottom edge of the fabric, and then turning up the hem and hand stitching it in place.

pleated pencil skirt 5

Anyone sewing something for themselves this selfish sewing week?  Need some inspiration?  Rachael over at Imagine Gnats has a whole slew of inspiration for you this week, and you can also pop on over to Kollabora to see even more sewing going on!

I want to try and start including a quick break down of pattern, fabric, and outfit info at the bottom of my post…so here goes…

Pattern :: Pleated Pencil Skirt size 6

Fabric :: Coral lace from the Sewing Studio and Nude lining from the thrift store

Outfit Breakdown ::  Pencil Skirt, Natalie Top (blogged here), Lands End Canvas belt, Chaps shoes

Delia provided the Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern for me, which I then sewed and shared my honest opinion with you here! 

  • The lace is such a pretty choice for this.

  • Meg

    I almost got this pattern, but now it is definitely on my list. The skirt fits you like a dream, and I love the color of your lace!

  • gorgeous! love the top and the pencil skirt

  • Love the lace! This skirt is very feminine already, but the lace makes it that extra special 🙂

  • Beautiful! Love the colour!!

  • Beautiful job my friend! Love the coral lace – swoon! That was in your stash?! Love it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my pattern!

  • It turned out GREAT!!! So glad you found the perfect fabric for this skirt….such a nice pop of color, and looks very sophisticated indeed.

  • oh, man I neeeeeeeed this pattern! so cute!

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  • I agree, the coral lace is perfect for this skirt! You can really dress it up or down! Looks adorable with your denim shirt. Well done!!

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  • You did the right thing when you chose this lace! Love the skirt!

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  • Marion

    Super cute, and good choice underlining instead of lining – those seams are almost invisible! I want to vote for this skirt on Indiesew, but I don’t see a “cast your vote” button next to the creation. Are you sure it’s entered?

    • Teresa

      Thanks Marion…I just sent you the link!

  • Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!