Geo Pop Canvas

geo pop bag

Do you ever have something that you feel like you have to buy right away?  You can’t wait.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m like a toddler at the grocery store check out line, as they point to a candy bar whining “I want it now!”  That’s how I was with the Cooper Sewing pattern, but then I let the thirty something year old me talk myself into waiting.  I patiently watched this pattern go on sale and then decided to put it on my Christmas wishlist.  That was last year, and my sweet sister in law gifted it to me.  And then, wah wah, I let that poor pattern just sit in my sewing room for 9 months.  9 whole months.  Crazy how something I wanted so badly I let collect dust on the shelves of my sewing room for almost a whole year.

geo pop canvas cooper bag

Well, this pattern rightly was dusted off and put to good use this past weekend.  There’s a new fabric line coming out that I was able to take a peek at and play around with!  It’s designed by Emmie K for Robert Kaufman and it’s full of bold colors printed on canvas, called Geo Pop Canvas!  Perfect pairing for the cooper bag.

geopop canvas

I kind of love each print in this fabric line, and am so thrilled that I was able to sew with all these blue colors….that’s my favorite color after all!

geopop cooper

Want to know about the Cooper bag?  This was my first time sewing it up, and it can be a little intimidating at first sight.  There are lots of pattern pieces, but all those pattern pieces add up to one well designed bag.  I’m kind of in the camp that these pattern pieces help make this bag look legit…not homemade!  And the pattern pieces all fit together perfectly!

geopop canvas bag

I do have one little caution to throw out about the pattern.  What Colette calls as the main fabric, I would definitely deem the accent fabric.  In my pictures, the solid blue is called the main fabric (according to the pattern pieces) while the print is called the accent fabric.  That threw me for a minute, and that definitely could just be the way my brain works.

geo pop canvas cooper

I did make just a couple of pattern changes.  I made my own straps, in lieu of cotton webbing.  I wanted my blue to match perfectly.  There is an add on to the pattern that you can purchase to help you with that, but I knew what to do already.  I also lengthened some pattern pieces to help get the whole repeat of a print on there.

geo pop canvas bag

This is definitely a pattern I will sew again.  And these fabrics are something I would love to play around more with.  I have my eye on the multicolored print you can see here!  You can read more about Emmie K and Geo Pop Canvas on the Robert Kaufman site here or on her own site here geo pop cooper

These fabrics were provided for me, but all opinions are, of course my own!  This fabric is truly great!

  • I’m always in awe of the bags you sew! And how pretty against that wall, you’ll just have to hang out there 🙂

  • I’ve seen this bag in waxed canvas. In fact, I think the model bag for the pattern is waxed canvas. If you make it again in solids, the otter wax would be perfect for this!

  • I’m so happy and really just feel honored that you loved working with the fabric! With a first collection it’s a little scary to wait and hear the reactions.. I love how serendipitous it was that I wanted to use this pattern and you just happened to have it on hand…Interesting fact about the “main fabric” bc I also assumed the print was main portion when I chose fabrics. Anyway, looks great and THANK YOU!!

  • Loving this bag, wonderful job! Print and pattern combo is perfect! As usual now I am adding this to my to make list.

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