Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial

Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

How has back to school been for everyone?  As a homeschooling mom, I was not looking forward to back to school.  I enjoy the schedule free days of summer, but it has been great for our little family.  Sweet Pea and Bubba have done really well going back to school, ahem, in our dining room.  We have eased back into it, I think mostly for my sake.  It’s hard to get back into a routine, but it has been good!

Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

A few weeks ago I ordered this great knit fabric from Rachael.  (It’s no longer available in the Imagine Gnats shop, but here‘s a link to the fabric on the Art Gallery site.)   I have to admit that I purchased these cute little girls on bikes to make a shirt for Sweet Pea, but was so smitten with the fabric when it arrived that I put it in the pile of fabric to sew for myself.  Let me gush for a minute about Art Gallery Knits.  They are so soft, the perfect weight, and just all around good quality knits.

Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

This skirt is just a simple inverted box pleated skirt with a knit waistband.  It was really easy to make and I love how it turned out!  Want to learn how to make one for yourself?  I made a little tutorial for you so you could sew along!

Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

You just need two easy measurements that are illustrated below for you.  Once you have these numbers written down, grab 1 1/2 yards of knit fabric and we’re ready to start cutting and sewing!

Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

When you are cutting out your skirt, the stretch (or the stretchiest direction) should go across your body, so across the long sections of your skirt!

The cut list requires a little math, but nothing scary.  And we are cutting two waistband pieces and two skirt pieces (one for the front and the back).

For your waistband fabric, take 1/2 W and subtract 1 inch.  We’ll cut this number by 6 inches.  My W is 28, so 1/2 is 14 inches, minus one is 13 inches.  I cut two waistband pieces 13 in. by 6 in.

Your skirt fabric, we’ll use 1/2 W again, but now we’ll add 16 inches.  And we’ll cut that number by L plus 1.  So 1/2 W for me is 14, plus 16 equals 30 inches.  My L measured 16, so L plus 1 is 17.  I cut two skirt pieces 30 in. by 17 in.  Don’t forget the stretch of the fabric should go along the long numbers!

Pleated Knit Skirt Tutorial :: Dandelion Drift

The math was the hardest part of this tutorial.  Now that you have that done, we are ready to sew!

  1. Put your waistband pieces right sides together and sew along the two short ends.  Set this piece aside for now.
  2. With your two skirt pieces, right sides facing up, we are going to measure out our pleats.  Measure in 3 inches in from the side seam and place a pin.  Now measure every two inches and place a pin.  You should have a pin placed at 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 inches.  Do this from the left and right sides of both skirt pieces.
  3. Now we’ll make our inverted box pleats.  In the illustration above, there are four pins that are black.  Have the pin to the right and the pin to the left of these black pins meet in the middle (where the black pin is).  Pin the pleats in place.  Once you are happy with the pleat placement, baste the top edge.
  4. Lay your two skirt pieces, right sides together and sew along the shorter sides.
  5. Fold your waistband piece in half, long ways.  With your skirt right side out, place the waistband over the skirt.  Align the top edge and stitch in place.  Fold your waistband up, top stitch if you would like, hem your skirt and you are done!

tutorial knit skirt



  • Julie

    Holy cow the skirt is so cute! Love it with that fabric :)

  • Rachel

    So great- Looks like a skirt you would want to wear every day!

  • Anne

    Cute skirt!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow that links to your tutorial:

  • Jenya

    Gorgeous skirt Teresa, thank you for the instructions. I would have kept that fabric for myself too 😉

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  • EricaG

    Beautiful skirt and really nice tutorial. I actually pulled my sewing machine out of the basement last week! Thanks for sharing.

  • rachael {imagine gnats}

    this is SO GOOD!!!!! and yes, I should have more of those super cute ladies on bikes in the shop soooooon. I love this skirt, well done :)

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  • Hema

    Oh I really love this skirt. I sell both the knits from Cheri collection and was hoping to make a shirt out of this bicycle print. But after seeing your skirt. I am sure going to make a skirt! Thanks for sharing!

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