The Hudson Pant

Have you guys been finding time to sew this summer?  Summer is so wildly busy, I have barely touched my machine.  Good thing I’ve had a great pile of projects yet to be posted, one of which was the Hudson Pant.  Back when I was showing you all of my Me Made May selfies, I noted that I definitely needed to sew a few more lounge wear type of clothes.  Well Kelli answered that call with her pattern for the Hudson Pant.  This pattern is great!

true bias hudson pant pattern

Kelli was so kind to let me test this pattern out, and this pattern is flawless.  I’m showing you pictures here from my test version, well my second test version.  Whenever I sew myself a pair of shorts/pants, I always make a muslin first.  I never know if I have measured myself correctly, or if something is going to fit uncomfortably.  But these pants were perfect.  After sewing up a quick pair in thrifted fabric, I dove into my expensive fabric (that I’m showing you here; you don’t want to see what my thrifted fabric looked like, definitely not wearable!)  Kelli mentions in her pattern to use a stable knit.  I went to the Sewing Studio in Orlando asking for advice and they lead me directly to their cotton spandex fabric.  I love this store because the workers know what they are talking about when it comes to fabric!  The knowledgeable sales lady told me this is what leggings are made out of.  Cotton spandex will stretch, but not stretch out.  It holds it’s shape, so that after wearing your pants for a few hours, they don’t become baggy and droopy.  Perfect!

hudson pant pattern

I wanted a contrast waistband and pocket detail, but didn’t have any other fabric options other than black.  So I cut up an old t shirt and it worked perfectly!  These pants are so comfy, and have gotten so much wear!  We just got back from a week at the beach and I wore my Hudson Pants almost daily!  Since this pair of pants was made from the test version of the pattern, Kelli made just a few pattern changes I wanted to point out.  The contrast pocket detail is cut to sit a little closer to the pant leg now, and the calves are cut a little less narrow.  Kelli thought of every little detail with this pattern!

hudson pant

I can’t wait to sew myself another pair of Hudson Pants!  I definitely want to try shortening the pattern, chopping it off  and making them into shorts!  And the cropped version, like Kristin has made is also on my to sew list.  I need to find more sewing time!

  • I really love these on you. I have a pair of workout pants I love that are similar but I may have to try this pattern. It looks really well done.

  • They look really comfortable! I don’t have very many lounging type me-mades either.

  • So adorable on you! I love that you cut up an old t-shirt. I’m going to have to give this pattern a try!

  • They definitely look comfy! So much more practical than the pretty dresses I like to make…

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  • Brandyn

    LOVE those pants! And “!THANKS!” for the tip on the SewingStudio ~ we’re in NE Fla but visit Orlando OFTEN {can you say “Disney Family”???}. There are no fabric stores within an hour drive of our home {even then it’s only HobbyLobby & JoAnn} so I always shop online. I’m excited to visit a REAL fabric store during our next trip to O-Town in December!

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