Retro Rucksack

One of the fun things about blogging is getting to meet new people.  It’s amazing how much talent is hidden out there.  Have you all heard of Sara from Radiant Home Studio?  She has a pdf bag pattern business and her bags are pretty great.


I was asked by Sara to sew up her Retro Rucksack pattern and I happily said yes.  This bag is full of amazing details.  The more I sew, the more I have learned that details are what make sewing go from homemade to looking store bought.  I love a pattern that is full of details, and this pattern is just that!

retro rucksack pattern

I’m going to warn you, when you are sewing a pattern full of details, like the Retro Rucksack, it’s not a quick sew.  But that is definitely not a bad thing.  I sew because I love to, not because I want to get to a finished product as fast as I can.  So this pattern took me a bit of time and had me enjoying the process.

retro rucksack bag

Want to know what I used to sew this bag up?  A rug, a $3 ikea rug.  Every time I go to ikea I see these signe rugs and immediately think of a bag.  Inspiration comes in the weirdest places.  The rest of the fabric is thrifted home dec fabric.  It is super thick, almost as thick as the rug.  And the lining (that I forgot to photograph) is leftover fabric from this great jacket (another pattern full of details).

retro rucksack stripes

I have a beast of a sewing machine that does great at sewing through thick fabric.  There were a few times, especially when I was asking my machine to sew through several layers of the rug, that it was angry with me.  But patience and perseverance brought us to this end product that I love!

rug retro rucksack retro rucksack buckle

Look at all these details.  There are side pockets, that are a little bit wider at the top, making them easier to put things in.  There’s a zipper pocket on the inside.  The buckles, love these two buckles.  A zip top opening.  The straps on the bag that have functioning sliders.  I love these details!  And I love my new bag!

retro rucksack back

And did you see that picture up there that shows the rucksack could be worn on my back or on my shoulder!  I love this bag (have I said that yet?)

retro rucksack retro rucksack sewing pattern

Want to take a look at some more Retro Rucksack inspiration?  Sara has a whole line up of great ladies sewing this pattern this week.

rug rucksack


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Retro Rucksack Inspiration Tour | Radiant Home Studio

Sara kindly provided the pattern for me to sew, but all opinions are 100% my own!

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  • I love that you used the rug! Thanks for participating!

  • A rug!!! And Ikea!! Double bonus 🙂 Your rucksack turned out fantastic!!! Cindy

  • So glad the rug worked out!! It’s such a fun idea. I love the raw edge!

  • Just heard yesterday that IKEA is coming to Vegas! I have still never been to one, so this is pretty exciting news for me.

    Enjoyed your inspiration, and the great photo shoot!

  • I can’t believe you made it with an ikea rug! So great. I love those rugs too. We use them in my kids montessori area. Such a great idea to use one to sew with.

  • WOW Teresa, your bag looks amazing. I especially love the fringe edge. It’s always great fun making bags but even more so when you get to recycle things to make it. You did a fabulous job. It’s my turn to show on the 19th but in the meantime I’m having a great time seeing all the other testers bags.

  • A $3 Ikea rug makes a very cute bag!

  • I love your bag! This pattern seems really practical for cycling, as you could pop it on your back for the journey and on your shoulder go to out for lunch. Also very inspired by your use of a rug: I have some woven textiles from South America that I’ve been looking for a project for… they’d make great panels on this bag.

  • I want your bag! May I ask what is your sewing machine? My Brother sewing machine will die, I think, if I try feeding it an Ikea rug. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I would have never thought to use a rug, what a great idea. What I’m dying to know is…where did you find those sandal?? They are adorable.

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