Pineapple Pincushion

pineapple pincushion

Okay, so I’ve had these pictures on my computer for over a month now, and thought maybe I should finally share them with you!  For mother’s day, I made my mom a pincushion.  That doesn’t sound too exciting, but that’s one of the bonds my mom and I have.  Did I ever tell you all that she’s the one who taught me to sew?  I know I learned when I was young, but I don’t really remember sewing things until I was in high school.  I asked my mom to help me sew one of my formal dresses.  And then I also had this crazy idea to make a quilt.  That was before rotary cutters were around, so I hand cut out a ton of squares out of plaid fabric, and eventually didn’t even make the quilt.

pineapple pincushion

My mom is a pretty amazing lady.  If you just want to look at pretty pincushion pictures, skip all these words, but I want to tell you a little of my mom’s story.  My mom grew up being the oldest of three.  She learned a lot of her hard work and drive and love for God from her grandmother (who also happened to be the woman who taught my mom to sew).  My mom graduated high school a very smart girl.  She married my dad at 18 and with her drive, went to college, on a scholarship.  My dad joined the military and they moved away from town.  My parents decided it was best to put my dad’s college education first so my mom stopped her studies while my dad finished his.  Then she picked right back up.  At the time my mom went to college, women studied to become nurses or teachers.  Remember my mom was very smart, so she became frustrated in her math classes thinking they were too easy.  She went and talked to the college guidance counselor and he had a look at her transcripts.  He noted that she actually was really good at math.  He asked her if she might be interested in studying engineering, so she gave it a try.  When it was time to pick what field of engineering, she remembered her dad always tinkered with radios and electronics, but my mom was never allowed to touch them.  So she became an electrical engineer.  My mom continued on with her studies until eventually she started working on her PhD.  At this time we were living in Hawaii.  When it was time for her to do her dissertation, we had moved away from Hawaii to Florida.  So she stopped working towards her PhD and entered the work field.  She now designs graphics chips for computers at a great company.  My mom amazes me for so many reasons.  Her drive and focus is such an inspiration.  She has worked so hard to become the person she is today.  I think she is the first on her side of the family to go to college, and in my mom’s true fashion, she didn’t just go to college, she went as far as possible in college.  More amazing to me than her drive and focus is her love an generosity.  She is the woman who would give the shoes she is wearing to you.  My mom has done so much for me and I am so thankful that I get to call her my mom!  Cheesy, I know, but it’s true!

pineapple pincushion

Okay, the pincushion.  Here are the details.  It’s a free pattern from here.  And the fabric, you might be getting tired of this, but again it’s a combo of Arizona prints, Palos Verdes, Cloud 9, and little bit of Botanics mixed in there.

pineapple pincushion

I’d love to hear if you have any great stories about your mom!

  • I really enjoyed reading more about your mom’s background! Her tenacity is inspiring. I hung out with my mom yesterday and was struck by how much my interest in thrift and scrappiness comes from her.

  • Amy

    I suspect she passed a good bit of that drive and generosity on to her daughter! 🙂

    Miss you– love getting to read all about your adventures via the blog!

  • The pincushion is great, but what I really enjoyed about this post is what you had to say about your mum. Your love for your mum is evident in every word. She sounds like an amazing woman!

  • Wow your mom is amazing! Love the pincushion, too!