Union St. Tee

union street tee

A few weeks ago Adrianna from Hey June patterns asked if I would like to be part of her pattern tour for her newest pattern, the union street tee.  Umm….yup….definitely interested!  I couldn’t say yest fast enough.  I made a couple of v neck t shirts right away and loved them.  The first I made was out of a floral polyester something or other knit fabric from Jo Ann’s.  I fell in love with this shirt!  The second I made was out of 100% cotton knit from Michael Levine fabrics (found here).  This fabric is absolutely perfect!  I made a few changes to the pattern for the polka dotted one (not that the pattern needed changes, I just like to try new things).  I added cuffs (like Adrianna did) and a narrower piece of fabric to finish off the neck opening.

union street tee

After these changes a light bulb went off in my head!  This pattern would be perfect to make into a rash guard.  I grew up around the water and in the sun all the time.  All of this sun time has taken it’s toll on my skin.  About five years ago, I had my first skin cancer removed, nothing scary, but scary enough that it was skin cancer.  I have since had one more spot removed.  That means that I cover up all of the time in the sun.  I’m that girl at the beach sporting a rash guard and a big floppy hat!  Hi…saving my money (and my skin) so I don’t have to pay the dermatologist later!

union street tee

I’ve always thought that a rash guard, with a built in shelf bra would be the greatest.  That way I wouldn’t have to wear a swimsuit underneath, just a rash guard and bikini bottoms.  Want to know how I did it?  I wrote out the steps so you could too, in case you are fair skinned like me, but not willing to give up your time in the sun (I do love to be out in the sun around the water)!

union street tee

  1. Cut out your pattern like normal, except cut your pattern so that the sides are one inch narrower in the front and back.  Also, make sure you are using swimsuit fabric, mine is from here.
  2. Cut your front pattern piece out of swimsuit lining fabric, mine is from here.
  3. Grab swimsuit bra padding and zig zag sew them in place.  I held my front pattern piece up to my body and pinned the padding in place, you know, to get them where they are supposed to be.
  4. With a zig zag stitch, sew a piece of swimsuit elastic to the lining on the same side the padding is located, right under the pads from side seam to side seam.  Your elastic should be about 2 inches shorter than the lining piece.  Stretch the elastic as you stitch.
  5. Baste the lining to the front shirt piece.
  6. Now sew the shirt as normal.  When hemming, try on your new rash guard and hem to your desired length.rash guard how toWant to see more Union Street Tees?  Take a look at Crafterhours, where Adrianna will be posting some previews from her friends.  And take a look at Trine’s blog today, Groovy Baby and Mama, she’s bound to have made something great with this pattern!

union street tee

16 thoughts on “Union St. Tee

  1. Corinnea

    Your tops are great! I had the same thought about it being perfect for a rashguard. Thanks for doing the figuring out part! I’m totally making one.

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  3. Jessica

    LOVE !!! I just bought a Rash guard last week and have takes so long to do so because of the bra situation- I am definitely going to have try making one next.

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