Foxglove Tank

Hi ho, hi ho, a new pattern is out you know!  Okay, it’s summer, I’m feeling a little goofy, and maybe a little excited about this new pattern!  Lauren, from Selvage Design has released her first women’s pattern.  Well, is about to release her first women’s pattern.  And it’s a good one.  An every day wearing kind of good one.  It is available for presale right now at indiesew and will be available for sale on Monday!

foxglove tank

I was fortunate to be able to test this one, and I LOVE it.  Just so you know, when I test a pattern, I get it for free and that is it.  No money, no fabric, just a free pattern and an opportunity to help out an independent pattern designer.  It’s an awfully fun process getting a sneak peek behind the scenes at what it’s like to be the pattern designer.  These independent pattern designers put a lot of work into their products, and it shows.

foxglove tank

Lauren’s pattern, the foxglove tank is awesome!  It has a very flattering racerback style which then flows out to a billowy high low hemline.  I love it!  I’ve made two of these so far and am ready to try lengthening it to a dress!

foxglove tank

The foxglove tank can be sewn in a woven or a knit.  Here you can see my woven version.  It’s a linen fabric cut on the bias.  Well actually it’s former life was a skirt that I found at the thrift store.  You know I love to use thrifted goods for my fabric!

foxglove tank

I’m not lying when I tell you I’ve worn this baby a handful of times, in the past two weeks since I’ve sewn it.  And my knit one (you can see it in my last me made may round up…it’s neon pink) has been worn just as frequently.

foxglove tank

One last thing about this pattern, Lauren offers a class on illustrator called Pattern Workshop.  She is a professional when it comes to creating things in illustrator and it really shows.  Her pattern is really, really professional looking and so easy to navigate through.

Okay that’s it.  I kind of feel like I need to exit with a song since I entered with one.  Hmm…I have nothing for you!  I know you’re all groaning with disappointment!  Happy summer sewing all!

13 thoughts on “Foxglove Tank

  1. Jenya

    No hat? 😉 The top looks lovely! We are only 12 days into winter and I am already can’t wait for summer to come back so I could make a bunch of these tops!

  2. Sage

    Wow, I love it! I am working on a wiksten tank in a striped knit fabric tonight, actually! I need to to finish the sleeves by adding the bias and hem the bottom. Are your shoes Elle brand? I just donated a pair that looks exactly like them because as much as I loved them I hadn’t worn them in over a year. The color is too limiting for my wardrobe. :( They’re lovely though. And your freckles are so pretty! I’ve always wanted heavy freckles … mine are so faint. :-p

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