Me Made May Review :: 3 funny thoughts and 3 serious ones

So May has been done for a few days now, and I’m ready to tell you what I think about Me Made May!

MMMay 14 Me Made May Me Made May Me Made May

If you’re counting photos…I missed a few days.  I wore me made, just didn’t get a pic!

1.  If I’m looking away from the camera, I didn’t put any makeup on that day.

2.  If my shoulders are slumped, that means I’m tired of having my picture taken.

3.  If I have a hat on, I definitely didn’t do a thing with my bangs that morning.  Maybe I wear a hat too often!

I learned how to take a super fast photo.  When we were out in about, I would find a blank wall, drive up in my minivan, run to said wall, give the kids the camera, open their sliding door, and quickly snap a picture!  Phew!  Done and done!  Daily photos definitely weren’t my favorite part of MMMay!

Here are the things that I seriously loved about MMMay…

1.  I sew because I love it.  And how awesome is it that I get to wear what I sew!

2.  Even though May is over, I’m still wearing me made every day.  And it feels good!

3.  I don’t aspire to have a totally me made wardrobe.  That’s too much pressure for me.  But I do love wearing what I make.  I have been making a conscious effort to reach for the things I have spent my time making.

This was definitely a challenge that I loved and will do again next year.  Maybe I can find a way to love taking pics daily…maybe I won’t document it daily.  Who knows!  See you next year Me Made May!

  • Your MM makes are very inspiring – thanks for posting them – even if it is a big pain in the b__t to take all those photos 😉

  • Michelle M

    Great outfits! I loved your confessions about the hats and looking away from the camera — I found myself taking below-the-chin selfies after a week or so. Hats and sunglasses are a great idea — I’ll try that next year. 🙂

    Great photos AND handmades!

  • Only 6 pics with a hat on – not too often 😉 Loved ‘watching’ you do the challenge! I will keep on practicing for next year 🙂

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  • So incredibly inspiring! I’m quite jealous of your wardrobe 🙂