Bombshell Swimsuit

So I showed you a little bit of my swimsuit (and Sweet Pea’s) that I made earlier this week while I was posting over at Jenya’s blog, While She Was Sleeping.  But I wanted to give you a bit of the nitty gritty on my swimsuit here on my blog.  This, of course, is the bombshell swimsuit pattern.  It is a great, great pattern and is currently part of the perfect pattern parcel.

bombshell swimsuit

When I was looking for fabric, I knew that I couldn’t find much locally.  I live in a small town, and could drive an hour and a half to the nearest big city to find what I was looking for, but thought I might look around online first.  I don’t really have many hour and a halves lying around to waste away in the car looking for fabric.  I looked at a few online stores, but landed on Michael Levine’s fabric.  I’ve heard good reviews and thought I would give them a try.  I ordered a few yards of swimsuit lining (knowing I’d want to make more suits in the future), and a few yards of a few different swimsuit fabrics.  When my fabric came in I was a little leery.  It’s thicker than the other swimsuit fabric I ordered and doesn’t have as much stretch.  But it was perfect!  (And all the fabric I ordered was great, I’ll show you that in future projects!)

bombshell swimsuit

So the pattern.  I was nervous going into making this.  I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I don’t’ make a lot of fitted clothes.  It’s not what I normally reach for in my closet, I like loose and comfortable.  But swimsuits have to be fitted, I kind of want, okay, need my swimsuit to stay in place.  So that made me nervous, but I definitely shouldn’t have been.  Heather obviously knew what she was doing with this suit, because it is perfect, no changes needed.

bombshell swimsuit

Okay, I did change one thing though…the straps.  I’m not the biggest fan of swimsuits tying behind my neck.  So instead of the pattern strap I cut a piece of my swimsuit elastic, a couple of inches shorter than I wanted my strap to be, cut fabric three times the width of my elastic, encased my elastic with fabric by wrapping it around the elastic and sewing a big zig zag stitch the length of my strap.  That’s it.  Everything else is the same.  Also, if you want to know about sizing, my measurements put me in a size 8, no grading needed between the sizes, and it’s perfect.  Oh yeah, swimsuit cups, I did without.  I’m good with what I’ve been given and didn’t want any extra padding.  Hmm…I think that might be it about the suit.  If you have any questions, ask away!  My take away from this project would be, try something that you have been nervous to do.  It doesn’t have to be sewing related, but be bold and brave and try away!


  • Looking fabulous Teresa! Congratulations on jumping another sewing hurdle – and doing it soooo well 🙂

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee! You are awesome cheering me on!!!

  • Teresa, the Bonbshell looks great on you! I love the fabric you chose, too. I think I am going to have to modify my neck strap too. The pull on a knotted swimsuit from my boobs can hurt. Thanks for sewing and sharing with us!

    • Teresa

      Aww…thanks Jill! I am LOVING this collection of patterns from PPP#3!

  • Fabulous, absolutely fabulous Teresa! You look very comfy in it. Love the photos!

  • kim

    Gorgeous! I love the fabric you picked 🙂 I just made a Bombshell myself and also used some thicker than normal fabric, I actually really like it too.

  • It turned out great! Fun swimsuit fabric is really hard to find in store even where I am, and I’m smack inside a metro. I’ve been eyeing this parcel up. I think I’m going to go for it. All the great sew ups make it hard to resist.

  • Wow! Fantastic swimsuit!

  • Beautiful swimsuit! Love your fabric choice, perfect!

  • I am gearing up to make one soon (I am nervous!!) and I was looking for gals who made them without the cups. I think it looks much more flattering! One question – we look about the same size, but I think I have more going on in the tummy area. Think I can swing an 8 or should I grade up a bit to make sure it’s not too tight in the belly? Great fabric choice, btw!