Prefontaine Shorts for PPP #3

Hey guys…it’s been quiet here for the past week. Not because I don’t have much to share, but because I have been busy sewing up a storm and can’t wait to share all I’ve been making lately!

Chambray and Lace Shorts

I’m sure you have all heard, but Perfect Pattern Parcel has launched their third round of great patterns!  Haven’t heard of it yet?  Do you like independent pattern designers?  Want to support them?  And let them share their proceeds with charity?  Sounds great…right.  Perfect Pattern Parcel is this awesome group of six patterns, six pattern designers, all willing to share some of their proceeds with charity (Donor’s Choose).

Pattern Parcel #3

When I got to see the group of patterns for this parcel, I was super excited.  These are all great patterns and I couldn’t decide where to start.  The shorts were calling me…I need new shorts.  In fact, I really only have one pair of shorts that I reach for in my closet.

Chambray and Lace Shorts

I immediately sewed the prefontaine shorts pattern up with some quilter’s cotton I had in my stash.  You can see my first pair here in one of my Me Made May round ups.  They were so comfy and wearable, I knew I wanted to make another pair.  I grabbed some herringbone chambray that Rachael had sent me and got to work.

Chambray and Lace Shorts

This chambray is the softest material I’ve sewn with.  I definitely want to purchase more to make a whole closet of clothes out of it!  That wouldn’t be weird, right?

Chambray and Lace Shorts

When it came time to bind the shorts, I looked in my pile of lace to see if I had anything that might work.  I found this great lace, but then was stumped on how to bind the hem with lace.  I serged all of my raw edges and then attached the lace.  I then just turned my edges under and used my twin needle to hem all around.  I love, love, love these shorts!

Chambray and Lace Shorts

I omitted all of the back pocket options.  I’m not much of a back pocket user anyway.

Chambray and Lace Shorts

So, have I peeked your interest in PPP #3?  You should definitely take a look.  And pop around and see what everyone else is sewing up with these great patterns!  I’ll be back sometime in the next two weeks to show you a few more patterns I have sewn up from this parcel.

  • I want exact the same pair of shorts!

  • -ly… Exactly the same… Oops, bad English day!

    • Teresa

      Yay…if we lived closer I’d let you borrow them 🙂

  • Chambray with lace trim! Great fabric choice! The lace is just enough to add some fun detail, but not so much that overwhelms the simplicity of the shorts. I’d definitely wear those 🙂

    • Teresa

      Thanks Sara! I have worn these a lot!!!

  • Oh, Teresa! I love the lace trim! And that chambray material is fabulous. What a great way to make a neutral “denim” colored short to wear all summer without the weight of true denim. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what else you’ve made!

    • Teresa

      Isn’t the lace awesome? A friend of mine gifted me a whole box of lace! It was like Christmas!

  • LOOOVE these! Gorgeous!

    • Teresa

      Awww..thanks erin! I love how your prefontaine’s turned out too!

  • Gorgeous! The lace trim is such a sweet detail, and that chambray looks scrumptious!

    • Teresa

      This chambray is amazing! I love this fabric!

  • I love the lace you added! Gorgeous pair of shorts! Makes me seriously tempted to make another pair that I might *gasp* actually wear in public!

    • Teresa

      Woo hoo! Your prefontaine’s looked awesome Erin!

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  • I love these so much Teresa!! I have had mine cut out since before the tour started, but I have just wanted to scrap them and make some just like yours instead! I still probably will make these, and just wanted to tell you I gave you a quick shout out on my post today.

    I’ve loved looking around your archives since I’m so new to sewing myself and still gathering ideas. 🙂 So glad that I was able to “meet” you through this tour.

    Anyway, hello, and great job again!

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  • That’s the thinking of a creative mind