Vintage Sheet Dress

April Rhodes Riding Peplum Party Dress

The kind ladies at Shaffer Sisters invited me to join their Sewabration of Womanhood series.

April Rhodes Riding Peplum Party Dress

This series led me to think a bit about why I sew and I don’t think I have ever really gone into the reasons why I sew here.  My days are pretty ordinary for a stay at home mom.  I’m with my kids all day long, and I love what I do.  If given any career choice, this is where I’d want to be.  But I need an outlet, maybe a few outlets.  Running is one of my outlets, but it’s not enough to fill me up.  I need something creative in my life.  Right now, that creative outlet is sewing…and all kinds of sewing!  I love to quilt, make clothes for myself, clothes for my family, really, any kind of sewing.

April Rhodes Riding Peplum Party Dress

When sewing for myself I really am not much of a trend follower.  I like what I like, whether it’s popular or not.  I guess I’m not a typical girl.  That became pretty clear to me when the Shaffer sisters asked me as one of my interview questions for their blog, what body type are you.  I looked at my husband and asked him, because really, I don’t know.  Do I look like a fruit or a vegetable?  Do I fit a typical mold.  I don’t think any of us look like something to eat, nor do I think any of us look typical.  We are all made unique, which makes us all fascinating.  And in case you are wondering, Josh answered very kindly and said I was perfect.

April Rhodes Riding Peplum Party Dress

So all this talk leads me back full circle to why I sew.  I sew to be unique.  I sew to help express myself.  I sew to create.  I sew because it is enjoyable.  I think if one of those factors were missing, I wouldn’t sew.

thrifted sheet dress

If you are just becoming interested in sewing for yourself, I would direct you to an independent pattern designer.  Their patterns are great, gentle introductions into the world of sewing for women.  Typically they have pictures to walk you through each step of the process.  And April Rhodes patterns are really where I would have you start.  I have now sewn all three of her patterns (I’ll show you my staple dress next month) and love the fit of each one.  I also love the wearability of her patterns.  They are clothing items that I would wear every day (as you probably have noticed in my me made round ups).

April Rhodes Riding Peplum Party Dress

For this dress I used April’s Riding Peplum and Party Dress pattern.  I made a few changes though (look back up to one of the reasons why I sew, unique).  I started with her basic pattern, but knew I wanted a midi length dress.  I took out a bit of width from the skirt by slashing and overlapping the pattern, and I lengthened the hemline by 10 inches.  And the fabric is a thrifted sheet.  I’ve been hanging onto this sheet with that pretty little floral print for some time waiting for the perfect project.

April Rhodes Riding Peplum Party Dress

So have you started sewing for yourself yet?  Any words of wisdom for newbie sewists?

I’m also linking this up to Project Sewn for my signature style.  

  • so pretty. and with that denim jacket – perfection.

  • You look great in this floral. I think I am going to raid the Goodwill of Vintage Sheets. I am going to have to follow your lead and make a pretty floral dress. I am so glad that you joined us!
    With Love,

  • Cheers to sewing what you like! That’s my favorite kind of sewing. You found a beautiful sheet to sew with and made a beautiful dress from it! I really love the whole look!

  • Teresa, love the dress! Indeed, a perfect pattern to finally cut into this beautiful sheet.

    Please tell Josh I love his answer!

    I was nodding my head reading about the reasons you sew! It is the same here! Well, I started because I wanted to make something that would actually fit my skinny daughter, but soon realised it was the best ME time I could get. Sewing is a great way to get creative, express myself, make something lovely… Sending my family broke by buying a sewing machine was the best decision I have made since saying Yes to Thommo’s proposal 🙂

  • I agree with you on the reasons for sewing, absolutely all of them! Sew sewing makes us happy and makes me able to wear clothes that I like. Your dress is just perfect … just like you!

  • I love this dress! I have not sewn April’s patterns but I will have to check them out. I would love for you to link up at my linky party, which is all about sewing for ourselves.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Kathy!

  • lovely!! that dress is just perfect and it hangs so nicely on you! Coming of from the sewabration ;o)

    • Teresa

      Oh yay! Thanks Emily!

  • You look so pretty, Teresa! Love the midi length too.

    • Teresa

      Thanks! I don’t own many other midi dresses…it’s a really fun length!

  • Nic

    beautiful dress! I dream of flowy dresses like this for summer!

    • Teresa

      Awww..thanks! Anything flowy and airy like this one belongs in my dream summer wardrobe. It gets so hot here!

  • Julie

    I love this version, and enjoy following your blog and makes.

    I just made a muslin of this dress. While I love the top, I don’t think I like the fullness of the skirt on me. You wrote that you took out some of the fullness by slashing and overlapping the skirt? Do you leave the waist the same and overlap towards the hem? Thanks so much for any advice you might give me.

    • I’d like to know that too! Also, please would you explain how and where you added the length? Did you just add to the bottom or did you slash horizontally and add length part-way down?

  • Love the reasons you sew and your dress! I think my parents have a set of sheets just like that one. I’m always envious of their collection which just might gradually disappear. Haha.