Peek at My Week


Did I ever tell you guys I grew up in Hawaii?  My dad was fortunate enough to be stationed in Hawaii for 8 years, most of my growing up years.  I have awesome memories of biking to the beach with my friends, swimming always, and just having fun in the sun.  Well, 20 years later, all of that sun exposure has caught up with me.  I have had two skin cancer spots surgically removed (neither of them too large) and just went in last week to have another spot biopsied.  I know of all the cancers to have, skin cancer isn’t the scariest, but that c word still spooks me.  I was so relieved to find out this week that my most recent spot was benign!  Woo hoo!  All of my crazy skin issues from being in the sun has made me the most diligent sunscreen applying mom out there (I’m sure my kids love me for that).

Have a great weekend!  We will be at a swim meet for Sweet Pea and Bubba, staying underneath the protection of the tent and applying a ton of sunscreen!

  • I’m glad to hear it was benign! That is scary, though I’m jealous to hear of your younger days in Hawaii, we visited once and it was really a beautiful place!