Kids Clothes Week Wrap Up and Confession

I’m sure you have all heard of Kids Clothes Week.  It’s this awesome idea Meg had that we take a whole week (7 days) and sew for our kids for one hour, each day.  I’ve participated once before, and this time decided to take a different approach.  I’m sure I have mentioned this here before, but I am a competitive person.  I like to do my best, but even more, I want to be the best.  It’s an ugly beast I fight with often, but KCW brings this ugly beast out in me.  I have a hard time seeing everyone else eeking out beautiful outfits each day for their kids, while I am just sewing three measly items.  I am thrilled for those of you that have the time to sew a new outfit for your kids each day, but it makes me want to be just as good as you are.  It makes me want to be able to sew just as much as you do.

Well, this KCW I tucked that ugly competitive beast away, hid it in a drawer, and happily sewed three things for Sweet Pea.  Any other week I would be rejoicing that I sewed three things for my girl, so why not this week?  Want to see what I made?

wee wander skirt

wee wander skirts


My first sew was a simple gathered skirt out of this beautiful Wee Wander fabric I ordered just for Sweet Pea.  I ordered just a yard of this fabric, asked Sweet Pea what she wanted made out of it and got to work.  She requested a skirt with shorts underneath.  The shorts are just a self drafted leggings pattern that I tucked in the skirt, and attached all together when adding the waistband.  Last week I remembered that I had a bunch of Dandelion Drift labels left over (from years ago) when I owned an etsy shop.

vintage fabric skirt

waist details

My second make was another simple skirt, this time a line, and again with shorts underneath.  For each of these skirts I made sure I paid attention to all the details, like two rows of stitching along the hemline, or stitching through the top of the waistband to make sure the elastic doesn’t flip and twist.  The fabric from this skirt was a thrifted knit.  I love this fabric…the colors in it are just perfect and I love the scenery!

two rows of hem


Lastly I made a pair of scallop shorts (pattern soon to come from Peekaboo Pattern Shop (affiliate link)).  I LOVE these shorts.  Amy took her time on this pattern to make sure the scallops were just right, not too shallow, but not to deep.  If she ever made adult patterns, I would want this one in my size!  I used a chambray in this one, and again, slowed down to pay attention to details.  I topstitched a lot of seams in bright pink.  I thought all the topstitching would help with durability, but also help these shorts appeal to my pink loving girl.

scallop shorts pattern

scallop shorts details

I have to confess that come Monday night, I was bummed to only have finished three things.  (I do have one more skirt cut out, but ran out of time to sew it).  For a minute I thought about staying up way late last night to sew a few more pairs of shorts, I don’t know if that was to try and impress you all, or to try and be the best, but I came to my senses and found joy in the three things I did sew!

scallop short pattern

scallop shorts

Did you all participate in KCW this go around?  Does the competitive beast bother any of you?  I’d love to know that I’m not alone!

  • They are three beautiful items! Yes I get that way too- and I have honestly mostly tuned out the last few KCWs because it tends to rev it up for me as well 🙂

  • They are three beautiful items! Yes I get that way too- and I have honestly mostly tuned out the last few KCWs because it tends to rev it up for me as well 🙂

  • Renee

    Yes, to everything. I don’t think KCW is fun anymore because of the stress it stirs up. It’s tough to manage one quality item, let alone 10 or more like most! I love how you took the time to make each of these items your best! They’re all beautiful.

  • Love all of your creations. I totally know that beast in me but since I got sick, I just literally can’t compete any more and it kind of released me 🙂 I will just do what I can and what I love to do.

  • I understand completely! Every KCW I am determined to sew and blog every day. And each time I fail, mostly because of my illness, and other obligations that get in the way. I still have a couple of items to blog about, but we’ll see if it happens in the near future lol. I love the skirts and shorts you made, the bright colours are just perfect for warm weather. I think I’ll be buying the shorts pattern when it is released too!

  • These are lovely Teresa! Prior to this KCW I only ever managed one or two items (as this is what I can realistically achieve in a week) – however, being a KCW blog contributor for this season really gave me a big kick in the pants. I won’t be achieving that much during a KCW ever again (I’m exhausted)!!! Three beautiful creations is a fantastic achievement 🙂

  • These are beautiful! I love the fabric of each piece and am amazed at extra details you put into each one!

  • I hear you girlfriend! I can’t compete with making something everyday either! Oh, how I wish I could but it’s okay. I don’t think that’s the norm. I’m loving all your items. My favorite are the blue shorts. Nice details!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  • OMG, I so agree – I want those scallop shorts!! xx

  • Well, you completed three more items than we did! This KCW found us in the middle of a blog change… we had to watch from the ‘sewing sidelines’ so to speak. Most KCWs, we have grand plans but complete a minimal amount {and stare open-mouthed at ALL. THE. STUFF. people are churning out}!!

  • Beautiful skirts! Also, I can relate to what you mentioned about kcw. It’s hard to resist the urge to complete everything I have been longing to sew, but I always try to focus my energy on a couple sweet items that I know my kids will enjoy. Lovely pieces that you made 🙂

  • I know they are not denim, but oh, those skirts! Love em!

  • Momma Shaffer

    Those are really fun shorts! Love, Momma Shaffer

    PS I totally love the orange horse fabric!

  • Love those fabrics! The shorts look so soft!