Sewing For Men :: Shorts

I’m still working on sewing for men…and I just squeezed this one in before the end of February.  Two months of 2014 down, two items sewn for my man.

Jedediah Shorts

Before I tell you about these shorts, can I confess something to you guys?  I have had this pattern, and this fabric purchased specifically for this pattern, for months.  A lot of months.  An embarrassingly large amount of time for me to procrastinate and put this project off.  I was nervous to sew these shorts for a few reasons.  Josh is not your typical out of the box guy.  When we purchase clothes for him, they usually need to be ordered online because stores don’t carry clothes that fit him.  His inseam is long, 36 inches.  His arms are long, 17 inches.  And he has a muscular build.

Jedediah Shorts

Oh, and maybe I should tell you the pattern, huh!  These are the Jedediah Shorts.  It’s a great pattern with great instructions and a great sew a long to help you make it through each step of the pattern.  I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to sew pants for their man.  It leaves you with a very professional pair of shorts (or pants) inside and out.

Jedediah Shorts

I made these out of Robert Kaufman’s linen from  I must be on a linen kick lately.

Jedediah Shorts

I would, though, call these a wearable muslin, because there are a handful of modifications I want to make to help them fit better.  The waist fits perfectly, but these are a bit tight in the thighs.  Katie added 1/2 inch to each side of the thighs in her version and they look just the way Josh’s ready to wear pants are, so I think I will follow her lead and do that next time.  In fact, I think I will copy her and make a boot cut pair of pants next time.

Jedediah Shorts

Josh also mentioned the back pockets.  He carries his wallet around in there, and feels like they are a little too shallow, so I will add some depth to the pockets.  I might even prefer welt pockets in the back.  And I also think I need to add a little room in the toosh area.  Can you do a butt adjustment on shorts for men?

Jedediah Shorts

Alright, let me point out all the things I love about the pattern.  The details.  I love all of the bar tacks that are added on the pockets and the fly.  And the inside (which I forgot to photograph)  is finished with bias tape throughout, covering all the raw edges.  The inseam has flat felled seams which look so professional.  And the top stitching, definitely time consuming but definitely worth it!

I’m thrilled that I gave myself a goal to sew more for Josh this year.  These shorts definitely leave me feeling like a better seamstress, tackling a few new techniques and facing a few fit issues.  I’m not sure what I have planned to sew for Josh next month.  Maybe a t shirt?  I have a vintage tee pattern that I’ve been wanting to try.

  • Anna

    they look awesome Teresa! he looks pleased. :) great pics too, feels warm and sunny!

    • Teresa

      You may be jealous of our warm and sunny right now, but I guarantee I’ll be jealous of your summer when boiling hot August rolls around here!

  • Katie

    These look great! I’ve been thinking about getting this pattern to make some pants/shorts for my boyfriend for a while now, so it’s always great to see other people’s versions. I especially like the fabric you chose!

    • Teresa

      You definitely should get the pattern…it’s a good one!

  • Rachel

    Nice finishing. My guy has odd measurements too, you’ve gotten further than me I’m still only thinking about maybe sewing something. And I love the pictures, I miss the sun :)

    • Teresa

      Thanks Rachel…we are going to be hiding from the sun when August comes…it’ll be too hot to handle!

  • Renee //nearest the pin

    This is very inspirational – love the manly sewing going on :)

    • Teresa

      Ahhh…thanks Renee. Josh has been waiting patiently (for months) for these shorts!

  • Shelly

    Wow! I’m super impressed!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Shelly…the sew along was really helpful!

  • Joe

    Very nice Teresa they turned out really well. Morgan has some awesome patterns for men over at Thread Theory. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of buying her Jedediah Pants Pattern for a little bit. After seeing how well your shorts came out I guess I just need to take the plunge and buy it. Good Job!

    • Teresa

      Morgan does! You definitely should buy this pattern, it’s great!

  • Jenya

    Ok I had this post open on my computer for 2 days now – it is time to write a comment, hey? What can I say? Well done! The shorts look great on Josh. I am sure they will fit and feel even better after you make the changes you want to make. Does Josh look comfortable being photographed, or is it only my imagination?

    • Teresa

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does that. It drives Josh crazy when I leave windows open! And isn’t he a natural in front of the camera. I wish I could be photographed so easily!

  • Jacinta

    These look so professional! It is a great pattern, I’ve made 2 x pants and 2 x shorts of the jedediah and have plenty more lined up. The only issue I have come across is the waistband gapes because it is a rectangular piece… but hubby and bro in law love the fit so I’m happy :)

    • Teresa

      The professional look is all because of the pattern! So far, we haven’t had any waistband gapes, but I’ll have to look for that before I make my next pair!

  • Renee

    Finally time to comment! okay, I have to make these now. I was curious what fabric would work – I love the linen! and shorts, my husband would love shorts exactly like these. I’m so glad you sewed these up!

    • Teresa

      Thanks Renee..I’m on a serious linen kick lately! It is perfect for our hot Florida weather!

  • Amy

    These look great even before the changes you want to make!

  • Holli

    I’ve never sewn anything for my hubby but was thinking recently that I should try a pant, since he always has a hard time finding ones he likes that also fit. You’ve inspired me to take action! I’m going to check out this pattern now!

    • Teresa

      Oh yay Holli! I love that sewing for Josh has pushed me to learn more about sewing and try new things!

  • Pam @Threading My Way

    The shorts look really good, even without the modifications you are going to make to the next pair. I have yet to sew any garments for my husband, but after seeing yours, I might just give it a try.

    • Teresa

      I hope you do Pam…I’m looking forward to sewing more for Josh!

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